7 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023

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As one of the top toilet manufacturers, American Standard is a well-known brand in most U.S. households.

They have one of the largest lines of commodes and provide consumers with an excellent mix of powerful and budget-friendly toilets.

With more than 300 models to pick from, finding the best American Standard toilet was challenging, but we settled on the American Standard H2Option.

This dual-flush system is efficient, and we think you’ll be impressed by the price tag, although that’s just one option.

We’ve also put together a guide for homeowners looking to learn more about the company and the techniques used throughout their toilet collections.

7 Best American Standard Toilets Reviewed

Some homeowners are interested in compact toilets that free up foot space, while others prefer tall, modern elongated toilets.

Whatever your preference, we have something for you as these commodes represent the best models from various areas.

Best Overall
American Standard H2Option Elongated Two-Piece Toilet
4.8/5Our Score

More homeowners are looking for ways to save money around the home, but many don’t realize they can cut back on costs by choosing efficient fixtures.

The H2Option toilet is geared towards water conservation but with features that set it apart as the best American Standard toilet overall.

The H2Option is a dual-flush commode, so you choose between a full or partial flush. For solids, that’s 1.28 gallons per flush, while liquid waste only requires 0.92 gallons of water.

The company’s Power Wash rim and EverClean surface coating help to ensure the toilet bowl stays clean.

Are you looking for a round front toilet or an elongated commode? You can choose either option with this toilet, and it also comes in two heights with a standard model and right height toilet. Both versions have fully glazed 2-inch trapways with excellent MaP scores.

Whether you want a round front toilet that’s chair height or an elongated standard height toilet, the H2Option is adaptable to your needs.

The features alone are enough to get most consumers’ attention, but it also has an incredible price tag. 

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  • Dual-flush system
  • Power Wash rim
  • Multiple options and colors
  • The price tag


  • It doesn’t come with a seat

Best Tankless Toilet

2. American Standard Studio S Toilet

American Standard Studio S Low-Profile Toilet

Tankless toilets are a great way to free up space in a bathroom while providing homeowners with unique designs.

It’s something American Standard isn’t necessarily known for, although the Studio S aims to change that.

American Standard isn’t known for cutting-edge design, but the Studio S is a step towards changing that. It’s the most modern toilet in their catalog and one that saves space with its tankless design.

Cleaning this toilet is a breeze with the fully skirted trapway and the CleanCurve rim.

Dual waterways inside the tank keep the bowl clear with some assistance from the PowerFlo system. The siphonic jet flushing system is efficient at 1.0 gallons per flush and has a 2-inch glazed trapway.

This toilet is chair height at 16.5 inches without the included slow-close toilet seat.

While the American Standard Studio S is an elongated toilet, the design leaves a minimal footprint behind.

Homeowners love the sleek design and easy to clean nature of this toilet as well. It’s not the most powerful commode from the company, but it certainly is efficient and performs as advertised.


  • 1.0 Gallons per flush
  • Space-saving design
  • Comfort height
  • Slow-close seat


  • Mediocre flushing power

Best Compact Toilet

3. American Standard Compact Cadet-3 Toilet

American Standard Compact Cadet 3 Toilet

Many companies have compact commodes, including brands like TOTO, KOHLER, and American Standard.

When you want a toilet that doesn’t take up much space but still has a roomy bowl, it’s hard to beat the American Compact Cadet 3.

This ADA-compliant toilet is comfortable in more ways than one. The Compact Cadet is 16.5 inches tall from the floor to the top of the bowl. While compact, it also has an elongated bowl with a slow-close toilet seat and lid.

There is no concealed trapway on this model, although the one-piece design does make it easier to maintain.

A 3-inch flush valve inside the tank provides a strong flush. FloWise tech also keeps this toilet efficient at 1.28 GPF.

The American Standard Cadet is suitable for any bathroom with an attractive price point and stylish design. The roomier bowl on a compact toilet is a plus, and we like the fact you can choose between a right or left-handed trip lever.

You’ll get a complete installation package with the Cadet 3, including toilet seat bolts.

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  • Compact style
  • Elongated bowl
  • Comfort height
  • Complete installation package


  • Toilet seat is flimsy

Best Toilet for Toddlers

4. American Standard Baby Devoro Toilet

7 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 17 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 2


  • 10.25-inch bowl height
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Speed connect tank
  • Siphon jetted bowl


We’ve often talked about accessibility with both traditional and heavy-duty commodes built for larger homeowners.

Both of those styles aren’t exactly easy for children to use, but the Baby Devoro solves that problem in an interesting way.

It’s safe to say if you have children, you’ve gone through a few potty seats. If you install the American Standard Devoro, you won’t have to. It has a rim height of a little over 10 inches from the floor, which is ideal for children and shorter individuals.

This toilet is small but mighty as it meets HET standards for high-efficiency toilets. Water consumption is minimal at only 1.28 gallons per flush.

It’s a siphon action toilet, but with a 2-inch flush valve and a lower MaP score of 500 grams due to its size.

The Devoro may look like a toy toilet, but it’s the perfect height for smaller people and children. The main thing to keep in mind with this tiny toilet is installation.

This toilet has a 10-inch rough-in, so you may need an off-set flange or professional installation depending on the bathroom.

Best Pressure-Assisted Toilet

5. American Standard Cadet Pressure-Assisted Toilet

7 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 37 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 4


  • Pressure-assisted flushing
  • 16.5 inches tall
  • Spacious bowl
  • 1.65 GPF


  • No toilet seat

One of the things American Standard is known for is producing toilets that pack a punch. When you need a toilet that leaves a clean bowl behind every time, consider this pressure-assisted Cadet two-piece toilet.

The Cadet doesn’t appear to stand out from other American Standard toilets from a distance. What makes this one special is inside the tank.

That’s where the pressure-assisted power comes into play, which sends a surge of water through the bowl with every flush.

As for the commode itself, you’re getting a two-piece toilet with a longer bowl. It’s a “right height” toilet and comfortable with a height of 16.5 inches from the ground to the bowl.

This model does not come with a toilet seat but is easy to install, courtesy of the speed-connect coupling system.

You can put the plunger away when you buy this toilet as clogs, and streaky bowls will be a distant memory on the pressure-assisted Cadet.

Despite the extra power, homeowners were surprised by how quietly it flushes, and we feel it has an excellent price as well.

A Toilet That Packs a Punch

6. American Standard Champion 4 Toilet

7 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 57 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 6


  • Clog-free toilet
  • Large flush valve
  • Elongated bowl
  • Sleek one-piece design


  • Poor quality toilet seat

The Champion lineup has always consisted of powerful flushing toilets, and the latest generation is no different.

When you need a strong flushing toilet with a modern one-piece design, the Champion 4 is a perfect choice.

American Standard designed the tank on the Champion 4 to flow smoothly into the bowl. This one-piece toilet design makes it easier to clean and means there is less chance for leaks.

The trapway is larger on the Champion than other models at 2.375 inches. The toilet also uses a 4-inch piston-action Accelerator valve to help move larger mass.

American Standard made sure this toilet would clear the bowl and designed it with comfort in mind. The rim height is 16.5 inches on the Champion 4, which puts it in the comfort height class.

If you prefer something shorter, there is a standard toilet model, although both come with an elongated toilet bowl.

We think the Champion 4 is the best American Standard toilet with a one-piece toilet, but also feel it’s the ideal choice for a no-clog commode.

There are no significant drawbacks for the Champion 4 if you need a powerful commode. It’s not the most efficient but will clear even the heaviest waste and toilet paper loads.

Best Budget Choice

7. American Standard H2Optimum Toilet

7 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 77 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 8


  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Efficient at 1.1 GPF
  • Large water surface area
  • Easy to install


  • No seat
  • Not ideal for heavy flushers

Whether you need a quick replacement or a broken commode or just want something affordable, there is a budget-friendly toilet for you. American Standard’s collection is reasonable as a whole, but this toilet takes things a step further when it comes to price.

This toilet is from the company’s H2Optimum lineup, so it’s geared towards efficiency. It’s a single-flush system rated at 1.1 GPF and has a siphon jetted bowl.

The flush valve is half the size of what you’ll find in the Champion, and it has a standard 2-inch glazed trapway.

American Standard went with a round bowl for this commode to keep the cost down. It’s standard height as well at 15 inches.

A comfortable seat can bring the toilet up to ADA standards, and you’ll need to pick one up as no seat is included with this affordable commode.

The price is the obvious draw for the American Standard H2Optimum, along with its efficient flush rating. It will look great in any bathroom and is well-built with a large surface area.

The only thing to keep in mind with this version of the H2Optimum is that it’s built for efficiency, not to move a lot of waste. 

American Standard Toilets Buying Guide

The American Standard brand we know today has only been around since 196 although the company began life in 1875 as the Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company. Toilet technology may have changed since then, but their standards have not.

When you purchase an American Standard toilet, you’ll get a commode that performs as advertised. Their line of toilets are easy to acquire and powerful enough to flush buckets full of toys and golf balls.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the video below…


American Standard Toilet Collection

KOHLER and other top brands produce a lot of toilets but pale in comparison to what American Standard offers. They have around 400 commodes available through their official website and more than 30 collections.

While we’re not going to cover them all, we will touch on the most popular features and models sold today.

American Standard One-Piece Toilets

There was a time when you couldn’t find a half-dozen one-piece toilet designs from American Standard. That’s changed over the past decade, and now you can choose from more than 30 one-piece toilets.

This is also where you’ll find most modern toilet designs like the Colony elongated toilet, the Mainstream, and the American Standard Studio S. The Studio S is the only tankless toilet from the company, but not the most powerful.

For a one-piece toilet with great flushing power, consider the Boulevard or the Champion 4. Both have higher flush rates, and while they won’t conserve as much water, these toilets will clear the bowl every time.

Most of the best American Standard commodes in this range have a stylish design but don’t have fully-skirted trapways. The Boulevard, Town Square S, Tropic, and Studio S are the exceptions. The American Standard Advanced Clean is also in this class, although it’s a toilet with a built-in bidet.

American Standard Two-Piece Toilets

Two-piece toilets from American Standard outnumber one-piece toilet designs by a wide margin. There are more than 100 two-piece toilets with classic designs, and it’s also where you’ll find the best American Standard commodes and the most affordable options from the company.

If you like the style of the Colony, Cadet, Champion, or Mainstream, but not the price – you can opt for the two-piece toilet. More than a dozen American Standard collections allow you to choose from either toilet style.

American Standard Vormax toilets are popular options, but the aptly named Reliant, Edgemere, and Town Square are also available. Most of these commodes have exposed trapways except for the Cadet 3 FloWise, Estate, and a handful of other styles.

American Standard Innovation

A successful company that’s been in business for over 100 years has to innovate to stay with the times. American Standard is no different, and here are a few unique innovations found on the company’s commodes.

EverClean Surface

Many toilet manufacturers use special coatings to keep their bowls free of streaks left behind by solid waste. American Standard uses EverClean, a coating found on their whirlpools, air baths, and some of the best American Standard toilets.

An EverClean toilet will remain easy to clean years after the toilet’s installation. It’s a permanent double-coated surface glaze that inhibits mold, bacteria, or mildew from finding a foothold. You’ll find this coating on toilets with the Champion 4 and Cadet 3 flushing system along with other products.

Vormax Technology                  

While classified as flushing tech, Vormax toilets actually have a unique design not found with other systems. Vormax toilet bowls allow water to “scrub” the bowl’s surface with each flush.

These toilets use 70% of the water to rinse the bowl while the rest starts the siphonic flush. Dual injectors blast water through the bowl, while the CleanCurve rim helps keep things tidy. You can get a better idea of how these toilets work through the video below.

ActiClean Toilets                        

Technologies like Vormax and large flush valves will certainly help keep your toilet clean. When you want to take things a step further, a toilet using the ActiClean system may be the best option for your bathroom.

Inside the tank of an ActiClean toilet is a compartment for cleaning solution and two buttons for a quick or deep clean. Whenever you feel the tank needs a refresh, simply press the button to send cleaner throughout the bowl.

7 Best American Standard Toilet Reviews of 2023 9

The system saves you from manually using toilet bowl cleaners and works in conjunction with the CleanCurve rim and EverClean surface technology. These toilets also have a lock to keep curious children from turning the toilet blue for fun.  

Single and Dual Flush Toilets                 

American Standard uses a variety of flushing systems in their commodes. The first thing to consider is whether you want a single-flush or dual-flush toilet, however.

Homeowners that haven’t purchased a commode before may be surprised that there’s more than one way to flush. Single-flush toilets are something everyone will be familiar with as you push the trip-lever to flush the toilet a single time.

That flush can clear waste from the bowl but uses more water than is necessary. That’s where a half flush comes in handy, and it’s something you’ll find on a dual-flush commode.

These toilets typically have two buttons mounted on the top – one for solids and another for liquid waste. You’ll use a full flush when you need full power, whereas the half or light flush uses considerably less water.

Round and Elongated Toilets From American Standard

As you can see, there aren’t many square toilets or modern wall-hung models currently in American Standard’s catalog. That means you’ll have to decide between an elongated or round bowl which impacts cost and how much space a toilet takes up in a bathroom.

Do you have a smaller bathroom that’s tough for more than two people at a time? Well, a compact toilet could free up valuable space if it has a round bowl.

Traditional or round toilet bowls are 2 inches shorter than elongated ones. While they are usually cheaper and take up less space, many homeowners feel they aren’t as comfortable as toilets with a longer, roomier bowl.

With that in mind, American Standard has around 80 models with round bowls compared to more than 180 toilets with a roomier bowl.

American Standard Toilet Warranties

Toilet warranties are something that may cross your mind when shopping for a new toilet, but it’s usually not a flagship feature people clamor for.

That’s because even the best brands have standard 1-year warranties on parts and a limited-lifetime guarantee on china.

American Standard does things differently, which makes their toilet warranties a bonus. You’ll still receive a limited lifetime warranty on chinaware but also get coverage for mechanical parts and the seat. While that’s not uncommon, the length is.

Coverage varies by model, so for the Champion Pro, Glenwall, Vormax, and Yorkville, there is a 10-year warranty on mechanical parts. By comparison, the Cadet 3, H2Option, Loft, and others have a 5-year guarantee.

How Does American Standard Compare to the Competition?

With a range of more than 300 toilets and mouth-watering price tags, it may seem like American Standard gets an easy win against their competitors. Well, that depends on what you’re looking for from a toilet.

If you want a commode that can flush a bucket of golf balls, you’ll want an American Standard toilet. The same goes for homeowners interested in something affordable with a traditional design or an excellent warranty.

They don’t have a large selection of smart toilets, and if you’re looking for a wall-mounted commode, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Overall, we feel their toilets provide a fantastic value given the price, although you might have trouble finding a color or style depending on your needs.

Our Verdict

From one-piece commodes that are compact by design to more traditional styles, American Standard has one of the widest selections around.

The H2Option is the best American Standard toilet if you want something efficient and affordable, but we think you’ll be thrilled with any of the choices on our list.

If you are considering another model, just remember that the Champion line is the best option for flushing power, while Cadet Toilets tend to offer more in the way of style and efficiency.

American Standard Toilet FAQ

Are parts hard to find for an American Standard dual flush toilet?

No, and we feel American Standard is one of the easier brands to acquire parts for on both new and older models.

Is KOHLER or American Standard Better?

It all comes down to what you want out of a toilet as both companies are highly regarded and produce well-built commodes. American Standard toilets are considered more affordable, while KOHLER commodes provide a bit more style.

How do I find the model number on an American Standard toilet?

You simply need to lift the lid on the commode and look on the side of the tank. 

Will a compact round toilet take up less space than a tankless toilet?

That depends on the style and overall dimensions. We found that many tankless designs can be smaller, although many elongated styles are deeper overall. 

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