Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank

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Sinks and toilets are two fixtures that can significantly increase the cost of any bathroom renovation. That leads to manufacturers and homeowners turning towards budget-friendly products, including affordable commodes.

The best budget toilet won’t require a loan and may surprise you with its features.

TOTO Entrada proves that with this top-rated toilet, which has a price point that puts others to shame.

In this guide, we chose styles and features to suit everyone’s budget. That includes homeowners looking for something simple to use in a second bathroom along with one-piece toilets featuring a clean, modern style.

7 Best Budget Toilets Reviewed

There are dozens of toilets that classify as budget-friendly, even if there’s no set price range for these commodes.

When making our picks, we focused on brand quality, features, efficiency, and of course, price.

Best Value for the Money

1. TOTO Entrada Two-Piece Toilet

Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 1Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 2


  • Modern design
  • Comfort height bowl
  • Excellent quality
  • E-Max flushing system


  • No toilet seat

TOTO is a brand we’ve touched on in the past, and for a good reason. They carry a wide range of well-rated toilets, including several models in the budget class.

The Entrada is our top choice from the company and one of the best two-piece toilets for the price.

This toilet has a modern design with a rounded bowl. It comes with a standard left-handed trip lever, which triggers the company’s E-Max flushing system.

With a rating of 1.28 gallons per flush, it’s economical, and WaterSense certified.

The flush valve is powerful at a respectable 2.3 inches, while the trapway is standard size. Homeowners found this toilet comfy as well. It’s in the chair height class measuring 16 inches from the floor to the bowl.

If you’re interested in a well-built toilet that performs as advertised, you can’t go wrong with the TOTO Entrada.

The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with any installation accessories, so you’ll need to pick up bolts, a wax ring, and a seat.

Top Runner-Up

2. Glacier Bay High-Efficiency Elongated Toilet

Glacier Bay 2-piece 1.1 GPF:1.6 GPF


  • The price tag
  • Comfort height with elongated bowl
  • Dual-flush mechanism
  • Complete installation kit


  • Nothing significant

If you shop at Home Depot, Glacier Bay is undoubtedly a brand you are very familiar with. This store brand is known for affordable fixtures, including toilets.

This efficient toilet from Glacier Bay has an unbelievable price tag and several surprising features.

This is a standard two-piece toilet with a gravity-based flushing system. It only has a 2-inch trapway, but the 3-inch flush valve ensures a clog-free flush.

You can also choose the water usage with this dual-flush commode – 1.1 GPF for liquids or 1.6 gallons per flush for solid waste.

Having dual-flushing on a budget-friendly toilet is a plus, but so is this toilet’s height. It is comfort height at 16.5 inches without a seat.

Glacier Bay also gave this toilet an extended bowl, so keep the overall dimensions in mind if you have a small bathroom.

This toilet is an excellent option for homeowners interested in an efficient but affordable toilet. It has more features than most and comes with everything you need to install it out of the box.

The Glacier Bay All-In-One Toilet is available in three finishes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best from American Standard

3. American Standard Cadet PRO Toilet

Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 3Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 4


  • Large 3-inch flush valve
  • PowerWash Rim
  • Easy to clean surface
  • 5-year warranty


  • No seat

The Cadet line from American Standard is one of the top-selling toilet collections on the market today.

While the models share more similarities than differences, the Cadet PRO 215DA.104 is the best option when your budget is tight.

The Cadet PRO may not look that different from other modern toilets on our list, but it packs a punch and will keep the bowl clean.

Their patented PowerWash rim cleans the bowl with each flush, including the area under the edge.

A double-coated EverClean surface also helps keep the bowl streak-free after every use. American Standard designed this two-piece toilet with a bowl height of 15 inches, and it has a space-saving round bowl.

You’ll find the same 1.28 GPF rating on this toilet as other budget-friendly commodes, but with better parts and service overall. It also has a large flush valve and sports a 5-year guarantee from American Standard.

Best Back to Wall Toilet

4. Project Source Laporte Dual Flush Toilet

Project Source Laporte Dual Flush Toilet


  • Slim back-to-wall design
  • Efficient dual-flush system
  • Comfort height
  • Elongated bowl


  • Nothing significant

Design is something that falls by the wayside when consumers opt for a budget-friendly toilet for their bathroom.

The Laporte is a unique alternative to more traditional one-piece designs and the best choice if you want a back-to-wall toilet.

The design of the Laporte allowed Project Source to use an elongated bowl on this toilet. It’s comfortable, but it’s also in the chair height class.

This toilet sits 17 inches above the floor with the seat attached, making it one of the taller models on our list.

Despite the slim tank, you’ll still get a strong flush from this commode. That’s due in part to the 3-inch valve and Fluidmaster system. It’s efficient on a per flush basis at 1.6 GPF and 1.1 gallons per flush, depending on the usage.

While you can only purchase the Project Source Laporte from Lowe’s, it’s well worth a look if you like the style.

It’s also one of the only toilets in this range you can purchase in Black along with traditional hues like Bone or White.

Best Classic from KOHLER

5. KOHLER Wellworth Elongated Toilet

Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 5Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 6


  • Elongated bowl
  • Class 5 flushing system
  • Easy to install
  • 3-inch flush valve


  • On the high-end of the budget class

When looking for the best toilet with an affordable price, some features simply don’t make the cut because of pricing.

Homeowners interested in an elongated bowl that’s affordable will be thrilled with the Wellworth from KOHLER.

While this is a standard height toilet, it gives people more room thanks to the bowl. The height is 14.5 inches to the rim sans the seat, while the elongated bowl is 2 inches longer than a round toilet bowl.

You’ll need a tall toilet set to bring this one up to comfort height but will have no problem with flushing power.

The KOHLER Wellworth has a Class 5 flushing system with a large 3-inch valve. It’s rated at 1.28 gallons per flush and has a modern two-piece design.

This toilet may have a slightly higher price tag than other models on our list, but you’re getting KOHLER quality and a roomier bowl.

It’s easy to manage thanks to pre-installed tank bolts and is a perfect match with other products from the company’s Wellworth line.

Best Compact Budget Toilet

6. HOROW HT1000 Compact Toilet

Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 7Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 8


  • Dual-flush system
  • Elongated bowl
  • Soft-closing seat
  • Compact, one-piece design


  • It could prove difficult to install

Do you have a cramped bathroom? Installing a compact toilet is a great way to add more legroom, although these models can come at a high cost.

The HOROW HT1000 is an exception, and the best toilet for smaller bathrooms when space and money are tight.

The first thing you’ll notice about this toilet is its minimalistic design. It’s not as rounded as similar models but has a concealed trapway for a clean look. Access holes on either side of the toilet help make this small toilet easier to install.

Given the size, you’ll be surprised to find out the HT1000 is comfort height at 16.5 inches from the floor with the seat. It’s also a dual-flush toilet rated at 1.6 GPF for solid waste and 1.1 gallons per flush for liquids.

The HOROW HT1000 isn’t as well-built as models from more prominent brands but has a 5-year warranty against staining on the glaze. It provides an excellent value for the price when you consider the features.

Because of its size and design, it can be challenging for some homeowners to install, however.

Budget-Friendly Smart Toilet

7. WoodBridge T-0008 Smart Toilet with Advanced Bidet

Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 9Best Budget Toilets: 7 Commodes That Won’t Break the Bank 10


  • Elongated bowl
  • Dual-flush system
  • Bidet features
  • Heated seat


  • Customer support

Smart toilets are popular with homeowners looking for a hands-free approach, but they are expensive.

WoodBridge realized that when they designed the T-0008. It’s a modern one-piece toilet, but more intelligent than the rest courtesy of an integrated bidet seat.

This toilet has a clean design, but in place of a traditional lid, you’ll find a smart toilet seat. This bidet has heated water with several wash modes.

A warm air dryer can help alleviate the need for toilet paper while the heated toilet seat keeps you comfy in the colder months.

As for the toilet itself, it’s fully-glazed with, and dual-flush rated at 1.6/1.0 gallons per flush. It has a full-skirted trapway and powerful flush with a MaP score of 1,000.

Other features to note include a stainless steel nozzle, adjustable water pressure, and an energy-saving mode.

The WoodBridge T-0008 is a great choice for homeowners interested in an affordable toilet with a bidet.

It’s not complicated to install due to the design of the toilet itself, although some homeowners felt customer service and support were lacking.

Check The Price

two white toilets

How To Find an Affordable Toilet for Your Home

Toilets fall into various niches, including budget-friendly. It’s one of the largest areas for consumers to dig through, especially when you factor in popular local chains with online retailers.

In this part of our guide, we will take a quick look at areas that homeowners should focus on when looking for the best budget toilet.

That includes the flushing mechanism, style, and installation, which can dramatically affect the overall price.

Consider Your Needs…                                             

If you’re shopping for a new toilet, it’s either going to replace an older one in your home or sit in a brand new bathroom. With cheaper commodes, the first thing you’ll need to debate is your needs to see if they fall into line with your budget.

Will this new toilet be the primary one in your home, or do you need something affordable for a secondary or half bathroom?

Most toilets in the budget-friendly class aren’t stylish, affecting where you might want to place them. It’s also where height and bowl shape comes into play — two things that impact the price.

You’ll also want to think about whether you prefer a single or dual-flush commode. That affects the price along with a one or two-piece design. The latter is cheaper but can be more challenging to clean and maintain over time.

One Flush or Two?

If you haven’t purchased a toilet before, you might be shocked to know there’s more than one way to flush. Dual-flush toilets have been common in commercial settings and Europe for quite some time but have only recently become affordable for residential use.

The purpose of a dual-flush toilet is water conservation. Before manufacturers began putting water-saving measures into place, toilets were known for wasting a lot of water.

A dual-flush system uses a light flush for liquid waste and uses more water for solids. While simple, it’s incredibly efficient and can result in a direct savings on your water bill compared to a traditional commode.

Toilet Height

This is another area that may be new to homeowners shopping for their first commode. Toilet height refers to how tall a toilet bowl is from the floor to the bowl where you’ll sit.

Manufacturers measure this from the floor to the top of the bowl without the seat. That can be confusing for some considering a toilet seat can actually add 2 to 3 inches of height depending on the style.

Comfort or chair height and standard height toilets are the two terms you’ll want to look for with this specification.

Any toilet listed as standard height is a traditional commode around 14 to 15 inches from floor to bowl. It’s something we’ve all used and a type of toilet that may have been uncomfortable to use depending on your height.

Toilets that are comfort height are at least 17 inches or taller with or without the seat. It’s the height of a chair, which makes getting on and off the throne easier for many. For a toilet to qualify as ADA compliant, it must be in the comfort height class.

Toilet Size

When people hear the phrase “toilet size,” it can refer to a variety of metrics. In this case, it’s the rough-in size, something critical for new toilet installations.

Building codes change over the years, which is why there are three sizes of toilet rough-ins. This is the distance from the bathroom wall where the toilet sits to the center of the drainpipe it will sit upon.

In any newer home or ones with new plumbing, the rough-in size will likely be 12 inches.

The standard rough-in size is 12 inches, the same as every toilet we chose for our list. Older homes can also have 10 and 14-inch rough-ins, however. That can complicate things to a degree if you’re heart is set on a specific style.

Bowl Style

Do you feel cramped on your current toilet? Well, that might be because it has a standard round bowl. It was the only type available to consumers for decades and is still the most popular style in homes today.

A standard bowl is ideal for bathrooms where space is precious. They provide more room between the front of the toilet and the wall but are also easier for children to use.

Typically 16.5 inches in diameter, this bowl style is cheaper and more common in the budget class.

By comparison, a toilet with an elongated bowl is 2 inches longer than a round one. While a few extra inches may not seem like much, it can have a dramatic impact on installation and usage as well.

Just remember to keep the size of your bathroom in mind when choosing an elongated toilet.


Are you comfortable dealing with light-duty plumbing work? Do you have a strong back or a helper? Both of those questions are critical if you’re considering installing a toilet yourself.

A toilet can weigh between 40 to 60 pounds, depending on the style and size. Two-piece toilets are easier to install when it comes to weight but can be challenging to deal with in other ways.

While a toilet is certainly something a handy homeowner can install, it is one of the more challenging fixtures in the home to deal with.

That brings us to professional installations, which plumbers usually handle. The rate for a plumber varies by location across the United States, but you can expect to pay around $130 to $250 for a typical toilet installation.

Handymen and home improvement services are an option, although you still have to consider the cost of not included with your new toilet.

What’s in the Box?

Style and features aren’t the only things to take a hit with budget toilets. Most people don’t expect to have a heated toilet seat on a cheap commode, but you might be surprised to find that some don’t come with a seat at all.

You will need to pick up a seat with most budget toilets as you won’t find one in the box. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, considering the quality of some hard plastic seats.

A new toilet set can add an extra $10 to $50 to the cost but isn’t the only thing you may need to pick up. Wax rings are required for any toilet installation. While you may get one with your new toilet, it may be subpar or not thick enough to be of use.

Supply lines are not included, although you can use the ones on your current toilet. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase those. Keep an eye out for toilet bowl bolts and caps on the packing list as well.

Our Verdict

Our budget-friendly top toilet from Toto Entrada proves you can find a modern toilet at an affordable price.

It provides homeowners with the best value overall and more features than you’ll find on toilets with a higher price tag.

If you’re looking for a luxurious commode that’s a little more high-tech, we have that covered — as long as the budget isn’t an issue.

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