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While most of the top toilets sold today have an extended or elongated bowl, they certainly aren’t for everyone. That leads many homeowners in search of the best round toilet for their bathroom.

There are a variety of traditional round bowls to choose from, but the American Standard H2Option Round Front Toilet is the best overall if you’re looking for an efficient and attractive two-piece toilet.

These toilets offer many advantages over an elongated toilet and are best suited for average-sized people and children.

Round toilets are also a great choice when bathroom space is tight due to the compact round bowl.

Our Best Round Toilets

7 Best Round Toilet Reviewed

Considering elongated toilets outnumber round bowls by a fairly wide margin, finding a suitable round front model can take some work.

We’ve rounded up six options we feel are the best whether you’re trying to save space or prefer a traditional, round bowl.

Best Overall

1. American Standard H2Option Round Front Toilet

Best Round Toilets 1Best Round Toilets 2


  • Dual-flush capabilities
  • PowerWash rim
  • Comfort or standard height
  • WaterSense certified


  • No seat included

The best round front toilet doesn’t have to blow you away with a cutting-edge design, but it should provide a comfortable experience for anyone in your home.

The H2Option from American Standard does that but also conserves water with a dual-flush mechanism.

Everyone wants to see a clean bowl after flushing, regardless of how much water it takes. American Standard designed the H2Option with conservation in mind as it only requires 1.28 GPF for a full flush.

When someone needs a partial flush for liquid waste, this toilet only uses 0.92 gallons per flush.

The H2Option doesn’t have a fully skirted but is still simple to clean, even with a two-piece toilet design.

The chrome-plated actuator on top of the tank adds a touch of class to this standard height toilet which sits 15 inches above the floor.

There is also a chair height model if you prefer a taller bowl, although neither of these round commodes comes with a seat.

The American Standard H2Option is the most efficient full-size toilet to make our list and one that will not disappoint.

It’s a MaP Premium ultra-high-efficiency commode and one that allows you to choose a height or color. You’ll need to pick up a seat and installation kit for this commode, but that’s the only real drawback.


2. TOTO Eco Ultramax Round Front Toilet

Best Round Toilets 3Best Round Toilets 4


  • E-Max flushing system
  • One-piece design
  • Soft-closing seat
  • 1.28 GPF


  • Only 15.5 inches tall

TOTO makes dozens of luxurious commodes along with affordable models, although they don’t produce many with round toilet bowls.

The TOTO Eco Ultramax is an exception and one of the best round toilets for consumers of average height.

This is a full-sized commode with a slim tank that gently slopes into the bowl. It doesn’t have a fully enclosed trapway like the Sublime III but is still easier to clean than many two-piece toilets.

The Ultramax won’t take up much space in a bathroom as it’s compact, but at around 15.5-inches tall with the seat attached.

TOTO went with the popular E-Max flushing system for this toilet. It’s geared towards efficiency and has a powerful 3-inch flush valve. The flush rating is 1.28 GPF, which means the UltraMax is CALGreen compliant and WaterSense certified.

The TOTO Eco Ultramax is an efficient commode with a modern one-piece design. It will look great in any bathroom and comes with a soft closing seat and slam-proof lid.

Just keep the height in mind, as it’s shorter than the typical toilet.


3. American Standard H2Optimum Round Toilet

Best Round Toilets 5Best Round Toilets 6


  • Only 1.1 GPF
  • Modern style
  • CALGreen and CEC compliant
  • The price tag


  • Not ideal for heavy flushers

Our second option from American Standard may share a similar name but is entirely different from our top choice. The H2Optimum is also efficient but with a price tag almost half that of comparable commodes with the same features.

This single-flush toilet is standard height at 15 inches without a seat attached. It’s a far cry from ADA-compliant, although the right seat can bring it up to those standards.

t’s compact with a traditional design updated for modern times. The tank is a bit slimmer, and the large chrome trip-lever is on the front of the tank instead of the side.

The MaP score is lower on this commode due to a 2-inch trapway and flush valve. That’s by design, however, considering the H2Option only requires 1.1 gallons of water for a full flush.

It doesn’t have the same water volume in the bowl, but the PowerWash rim and surface glazing will keep it streak-free.

Homeowners interested in an efficient toilet that won’t break the bank should have the H2Option at the top of their shopping list.

It’s considerably cheaper than other round front toilets and ideal for regions like California where water conservation is essential. Like most budget-friendly toilets the H2Option does not come with a seat.

Most Compact

4. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Sublime III Toilet

Best Round Toilets 7Best Round Toilets 8


  • 1.26 or 0.95 GPF
  • Easy to clean
  • Large trapway
  • Soft-closing seat


  • Only available in Bisque

Swiss Madison Well Made has a reputation for manufacturing compact modern toilets at an affordable price.

The Sublime II is one of their best-selling models, but the Sublime III is the best round toilet from the company when you want a dual-flush commode.

Inside the slim tank of this toilet is a high-performance Vortex flushing system. A 2.75-inch flush valve powers this dual-flushing commode with a rating of 1.26 gallons per flush at full power. A half flush uses 0.95 gallons of water, making it incredibly efficient.

While compact, the Sublime III has a large 3-inch trapway and round toilet bowl with a height of 16 inches from the floor without a seat.

With the soft-closing seat and lid installed, the height makes this toilet ADA compliant. The fully skirted trapway helps keep maintenance down, and the Sublime III comes complete with a wax ring, bolts, seat, and matching bolt caps.

This compact toilet provides a lot of bang for the buck, from the dual nozzles that keep the round bowl clean to the dual flushing system.

It’s just as well-built as its predecessor but with a slightly higher flow rate and round bowl. The toilet is only available in Bisque at this time, although more colors are sure to follow.

Tall and Efficient

5. American Standard Studio Right Height Toilet

Best Round Toilets 9Best Round Toilets 10


  • Dual-flushing at 1.6/1.1 GPF
  • Fully concealed trapway
  • Slow-closing seat
  • 3-inch flush valve


  • Mediocre seat

Our first two options from American Standard have a traditional style, and while they look great, they aren’t exactly modern.

The Studio solves that problem with a nearly seamless design and moves more water than most dual-flush commodes.

The American Studio Standard has a thinner tank with a chrome flush plate on the top. From there, you can select 1.6 gallons per flush for solid waste or a more efficient 1.1 GPF on a half flush.

A 3-inch valve helps power the toilet, while EverClean surface glazing keeps bacteria from finding a foothold in the round bowl.

A fully skirted trapway makes the outside of the toilet easy to maintain. This two-piece toilet keeps crevices to a minimum with smooth sides and a comfortable round bowl.

The Studio is a comfort height toilet standing 16.5 inches from the floor to the bowl without the seat. The slow-closing Duroplast adds a bit more style along with some additional height to this stylish commode.

American Standard’s Studio is one of the better options for consumers interested in a modern styled toilet from American Standard.

Homeowners found it easy to clean and felt it had plenty of flushing power, although some thought the seat could have been more comfortable.

Most Traditional

6. KOHLER Memoirs Stately Round Front Toilet

Best Round Toilets 11Best Round Toilets 12


  • 16.5 inches tall
  • Traditional style
  • Large AquaPiston canister
  • Only 1.28 GPF


  • No seat included

Occasionally a company comes along with a name for a toilet that simply speaks for itself. That’s the case with the KOHLER Memoirs Stately, which brings a majestic vibe to any bathroom despite an attractive price.

This toilet may look fancy, but it has a powerful flush. A 3.25-inch AquaPiston canister powers the Memoirs Stately, which has a flush rating of 1.28 GPF.

While the Stately is only a single-flush system, the oversized valve and 360-degree rinse are highly effective.

As the name implies, this toilet will bring a stately air with a traditional style inspired by architecture. It’s a two-piece toilet with a base that matches the tank.

The round toilet bowl is comfy, and it’s one of the taller toilets to make our list at 16.5 inches from floor to bowl.

The classical design of the Memoir Stately won’t be for everyone, but it’s the best round toilet for bathrooms with the same sense of style.

Homeowners felt the commode was easy to install, and we like the fact it comes in three colors with White, Black, and Dune. It does not come with a toilet seat, however.

Best for Corners

7. Signature Hardware Braeburn Corner Toilet

Best Round Toilets 13Best Round Toilets 14


  • 1.28 GPF
  • Flush button
  • Soft-closing hinges
  • Chair height with seat


  • Few quality control issues

It’s not challenging to find a compact round toilet that can free up space in bathrooms. Finding one designed for a corner is a different story.

The best round toilet for a corner installation comes from Signature Hardware with the Braeburn two-piece toilet.

This two-piece toilet has a unique tank that allows for seamless installation in the corner of any bathroom.

The triangular tank doesn’t have a trip lever but a chrome flush button on the right side. It sends 1.28 gallons of water through the commode to ensure a thorough flush when pressed.

As for the bowl, it’s almost comfort height without the seat. The Braeburn is 16 inches from the top of the round bowl to the floor, although the included seat gives it a boost into the ADA class.

The seat closes softly and quietly thanks to a set of sturdy, slow-close hinges.

The selection of corner toilets is slim, and the Braeburn is the top option for homeowners that want an efficient, affordable commode.

The two-piece design makes it easier to install in a cramped corner, and consumers felt it delivered enough power to clear the bowl with ease.

two white toilets

How To Find the Best Round Toilet

As you can see from the choices in our best round toilet list, there isn’t much difference between styles aside from the shape of the bowl.

n this guide, we’re going to talk about why a round bowl is ideal for certain types of people and what to look for when choosing a commode for your home.

The Benefits of a Round Bowl

Whether you’re purchasing the first new toilet for your home or considering an upgrade, a round toilet bowl is something most homeowners are familiar with.

They’ve been around longer than their elongated counterparts and provide benefits you won’t get from an extended bowl.

One reason people prefer round bowls vs. elongated toilets is stability. This is particularly important if you have children in your home that are moving from using a potty seat to a standard commode.

If their next toilet has an extended bowl, the experience won’t be as pleasant.

Round bowls are better if you have a smaller frame, but they also take up less space in a bathroom. Extended bowls can add up to 2 inches of length, which will impact smaller bathrooms.

These toilets are more affordable on average, although not quite as comfortable for larger individuals and somewhat limited in style.

Choosing a Toilet Height

The two main factors that decide how comfortable a toilet is to use are the shape of the bowl and height. Even after settling on a round bowl for the new commode in your home, you still have to consider how tall it should be.

There are three height ranges commonly used by toilet manufacturers with standard, universal, and chair height toilets.

A standard height toilet is any commode under 16 inches tall. These toilets are not ADA compliant, but a tall enough toilet seat will bring it up to those standards. Children and people that are short or of average height find these toilets comfortable.

Chair or comfort height toilets are generally 17 inches taller or more with or without a seat. They are better for taller consumers or people with mobility issues as they are easier to sit or stand from.

Universal height toilets fall somewhere between comfort height and standard height commodes when. It’s a designation that’s not as widely used but refers to toilets that are typically between 15 to 16.5 inches tall.

Flushing Efficiency

Whether you have people in your home that use a half roll of toilet paper per flush or live in a water-conserving area, flushing efficiency is important.

This refers to how effectively a commode can move waste through a bowl while using a minimal amount of water. There are two areas to look for with efficiency – the flush rating and the type of mechanism inside the toilet tank.

All the toilets on our list are traditional gravity-fed with a flush valve instead of pressure-assisted systems that utilize compressed air. Larger valves can provide a stronger flush, which is great for quickly clearing waste and toilet paper from a bowl.

The toilet has to have an efficiently designed trapway, however, or it could still clog regardless of how much water it can move. GPF or gallons per flush is how flush ratings are measured and tells consumers how much water a toilet uses with every flush.

Toilets in the water-conserving class typically have a flush rating of around 1.2 gallons per flush. Dual-flush toilets can go as low as 0.9 GPF for liquid, while 1.6 gallons per flush is the maximum rate allowed under current federal standards.

Toilet Installation

The good thing about modern toilets is that they are easier to install than older models. If you struggled with toilet installation in the past, you might be surprised at how simple a new toilet is to install in a bathroom.

We think any homeowner can accomplish installing a new commode with a little help and the right parts.

With that in mind, an improperly installed commode can lead to water leaks – something nobody wants. When in doubt, rely on a professional to install a new round toilet.

If you choose to install the toilet yourself, the main thing to remember is to see what’s included with the commode.

Check the Box

Some of the best round toilets don’t have a wax ring or toilet seat in the box. Wax rings and bolts are essential but something you can purchase online or locally. In many cases, you could be better off doing this to find the perfect parts for your needs.

Toilet bolt caps are usually included and cover the bolts that hold your toilet to the floor. Whether it comes with a seat largely depends on the brand.

It’s something else you can pick up anywhere, although a high-quality toilet seat can significantly raise the overall cost of a commode. Budget-friendly models usually don’t come with a seat, or if they do, it may be subpar.

The Verdict

While traditional in style, a round toilet is a great way to save space in a bathroom while lightening the cost of a new commode. They may be outnumbered by elongated models, but there truly is a style and height for everyone.

Any of the options on our list is an excellent choice for homeowners interested in a round front toilet, but the American Standard H2Option Round Front Toilet is hard to beat.

It has everything you could ask for from this type of commode, although the one-piece Ultramax is a stylish alternative.

The best elongated toilets are also an option if you’re not entirely sold on a round bowl or need more than one toilet for your home.


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Will a Bidet Seat Work on a Round Toilet?

As long as the bidet seat is designed for a round commode, it shouldn’t be an issue but it’s a good idea to check compatibility beforehand.

Can You Use an Extended Toilet Seat on a Round Toilet?

Yes, as long as the bolt holes match, you can install them on a round toilet until you can pick a suitable round replacement.  

What’s the Best Type of Toilet Bowl Shape for Tall People?

It largely depends on preference and the person’s frame as height is a more important factor for people of 6’ tall. 

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