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As one of the older toilet manufacturers in the world, TOTO has been a name consumers know and trust.

They also have an extensive range of toilets, from intelligent wall-hung commodes to styles that are a bit more traditional.

Our choice for the best TOTO toilet is the Aquia IV WASHLET+. This dual-flush system shows off the features the company is known for while providing two efficient options and seats.  

We’ve also put together a guide highlighting TOTO’s collections while touching on features the company is famous for.

Whether you’re curious about the company or trying to find the perfect TOTO toilet, we have you covered.

6 Best TOTO Toilets Reviewed

Our top choice is highly regarded and offers the best option for homeowners interested in a bidet toilet. If a more traditional model or standard commode is more suited to your needs, have no fear.

Below you’ll find our top pick, along with a list of alternatives from the company’s vast collection.

Best Bidet Combo

1. TOTO Aquia IV WASHLET+ Dual Flush Toilet

Best TOTO Toilets 1Best TOTO Toilets 2


  • Variety of cleansing modes
  • Heated seat
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • Dual-flush mechanism
  • Remote control


  • No auto flush

TOTO’s smart toilet line is amazing, even if those commodes come with a hefty tag. If you’re interested in something almost as intelligent but more affordable, the Aquia IV Washlet+ is a toilet you’ll want to consider.

This toilet has a Tornado flushing mechanism like other options on our list but gives you a choice when it’s time to flush.

You can choose 0.8 GPF for liquid waste or 1.28 GPF for solid waste, although it’s not one of their self-flushing toilets. It does use electrolyzed water to clean the elongated toilet bowl and wand, however.

Bidet features on the TOTO Aquia IV include an automatic deodorizer, an adjustable warm air dryer, and several cleansing modes.

The fully-skirted design is modern and easy to clean with only a chrome push-button flush mechanism on top of the tank.

Even without the bidet seat, the Aquia IV is an attractive commode that brings a lot to the table. Just what you’ll get depends on the model you choose.

There are two smart seats with the S500e or S550e and a more efficient commode rated at 1.0/0.8 GPF.

Best Smart Toilet

2. TOTO NEOREST NX1 Smart Toilet

Best TOTO Toilets 3Best TOTO Toilets 4


  • Automatic flush and lid
  • Three cleansing modes
  • Deodorizer
  • Heated seat
  • Warm air dryer
  • Custom user profiles


  • The price tag

Some toilet manufacturers have a few smart toilet seats in their lineups, but TOTO takes things a step further.

While they have a range of intelligent bidets, this TOTO NEOREST toilet is a smart toilet with a unique design and a fantastic array of features.

The first thing you’ll need to know is the NEOREST NX1 utilizes traditional technologies from TOTO, despite its brain.

That means it has a Tornado flush system and CEFIONTECT coating. They help keep the rimless toilet bowl clean with some assistance from the EWATER+ system.

TOTO uses electrolyzed water to mist the bowl before use and every 8 hours automatically. The contoured seat has five temperature settings, and there are three wash modes on the bidet.

The NEOREST NX1 is chair height with the seat and features profiles for individual users.It has automatic flush capabilities and a remote control.

This intelligent toilet has a tankless design that stands out in any bathroom. It can provide a personalized experience and is incredibly efficient at 0.8 or 1 gallon per flush.

It’s one of the more automated toilets on the market today and well worth a look if you’re interested in a hygienic hands-free experience.

Check The Price

Best One-Piece Toilet

3. TOTO Aimes Universal Height Washlet+

Best TOTO Toilets 5Best TOTO Toilets 6


  • Streamlined design
  • Washlet compatible
  • Large, comfortable bowl
  • Easy to clean


  • Could be challenging to install

Two-piece commodes were standard, and the only option homeowners had for decades. One-piece designs offer several advantages, and our favorite from TOTO is the versatile Aimes universal height Washlet.

This toilet has an elongated bowl which provides 2 inches of extra room in the front. It also has a skirted trapway, which makes hard-to-clean crevices a thing of the past.

Aside from the trip-lever on the side, it’s a clean design and one that comes with a bonus.

TOTO designed this WASHLET+ toilet to work with their bidet seats and provide a seamless installation. If you decide to upgrade this commode, the cords and hoses will remain hidden.

The Aimes is a single-flush system rated at 1.28 GPF and chair height with the seat attached.

This one-piece toilet is one of the most popular TOTO toilet models next to the Legato, which has a similar design. The Aimes is an excellent choice for homeowners interested in a sleek, bidet-compatible toilet but not quite ready to make the jump.  

Best Elongated Toilet 

4. TOTO Drake Two Piece Universal Height Toilet

Best TOTO Toilets 7Best TOTO Toilets 8


  • Great price tag
  • Comfort height
  • Flushing power
  • Elongated toilet bowl


  • No toilet seat or installation accessories

One-piece toilets can bring a new look to an older bathroom, but sometimes homeowners simply need something affordable and efficient. The TOTO Drake fits that bill but doesn’t sacrifice comfort with a roomy elongated toilet bowl.

The Drake is efficient at 1.28 gallons per flush, and WaterSense certified. The 3-inch flush valve size provides extra flushing power that sends waste through the siphon jet bowl.

The bowl and trapway will stay clean after use, thanks to the CEFIONTECT glaze.

This toilet has the rimless design TOTO is known for and is universal height. It measures 16.1 inches from the floor to the bowl without the toilet seat.

You’ll need to pick up one of those and other installation accessories as the Drake only comes with bolt caps in the box.

Elongated bowls can raise the cost of a toilet substantially, but that isn’t the case with this two-piece toilet from TOTO.

The Drake has an appealing price point and is the best choice if you want a well-built elongated commode from the company that won’t break the bank.

Best Budget Toilet

5. TOTO Entrada Two-Piece Universal Height Toilet

Best TOTO Toilets 9Best TOTO Toilets 10


  • Large flush valve
  • Chair height
  • E-Max flushing
  • The price tag


  • No seat or hardware

TOTO is usually not the first name to come to mind when it comes to affordable toilet brands, although there are a handful of exceptions.

The Entrada is one of them, and it’s a toilet that will give you sticker shock in a good way.

TOTO gave this two-piece toilet a traditional design. It’s not as easy to clean as other toilet models on the list with the exposed trapway but is in the comfort height category.

It’s 16.1 inches without a seat – something you’ll need to purchase separately with this commode.

The Entrada has TOTO’s E-Max flushing system as well. It’s strong at 1.28 GPF and features a standard left-handed trip lever.

It won’t provide quite as much room as the Drake with a round bowl, but it is perfect for smaller spaces and second bathrooms.

Every company has a budget line, and that’s certainly where the Entrada falls in TOTOs impressive lineup.

You’re getting a lot of value for the price, and the only real drawback is the fact it doesn’t come with a toilet seat or hardware.

Best Hybrid Commode

6. TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Best TOTO Toilets 11Best TOTO Toilets 12


  • Double cyclonic flushing system
  • Unique design
  • Comfort height
  • Soft-closing toilet seat


  • May struggle with large amounts of waste

Toilet manufacturers have tried various techniques over the years to liven up the designs of commodes, but sometimes homeowners are interested in the classics.

The Eco Soiree is a revamped version of a traditional toilet with a unique hybrid style.

The Eco Soiree may look like a two-piece commode from a distance although the bowl connects seamlessly to the toilet tank.

It also appears to be fully skirted, but when you look closer, the back half of the commode has an exposed trapway.

TOTO used their double cyclonic flushing system in the Eco Soiree. Nozzles around the bowl result in a more powerful flush and cleaner bowl.

This comfort height toilet is ADA compliant with a height of 16.1 inches and has a flush rating of 1.28 GPF.

This modern one-piece toilet is stylish and comfortable thanks to its height and elongated bowl. It has SanaGlass coating to help keep the bowl clean and comes with the company’s popular soft-close toilet seat.

An Overview of the Best TOTO Toilet Models

Depending on how often you shop for toilets, TOTO may be a name you’re not familiar with. While the company has consistently remained among the top commode manufacturers, they were actually founded in Japan back in 1917.

TOTO has expanded incredibly since that time and now has manufacturing plants across the globe. While they began as a commode manufacturer, you can find bathtubs, showerheads, lavatories, faucets, and more in their catalog today.

Their WASHLET lineup is one of the more popular options from their toilet collection, but far from the only one, as you’ll see in our roundup of the company.  

TOTO Toilet Model Comparison

To say TOTO has an impressive toilet collection would be an understatement. They have over 300 commodes in their current lineup, which spans a half-dozen collections, including smart toilets, traditional commodes, and bidet combos.

TOTO Smart Toilets

When you want the best from TOTO, you’ll wish to start with their NEOREST Collection. This line of intelligent TOTO toilets includes options like the award-winning NEOREST AH, RH, and NX.

The TOTO toilets are fully automated and packed with features, including some unique technology.

Homeowners who prefer a traditional toilet but are still interested in intelligent features will want to consider the TOTO Nexus Collection.

Nexus toilets are also in the premium class but feature classic one and two-piece designs. Each model has several variations depending on your needs, and all are WASHLET+ compatible.

TOTO Bidet Toilets

By comparison, the Aquia Collection from TOTO has a more affordable price but a similar vibe. All Aquia toilets have elongated bowls with fully skirted trapways. There are one and two-piece commodes, all with the DynaMax flushing system.

The Aquia collection is designed for WASHLET compatibility as well, like a variety of other models from the company. That’s a bonus if you appreciate the company’s seats approach with integrated toilet seats. 

TOTO Standard Toilets

The Drake Collection is one of TOTO’s more affordable lines. Many of these commodes have a transitional style and allow you to choose from an elongated or round bowl.

There are also more standard height TOTO toilets in this class with a wider range of flush rates up to 1.6 GPF. While attractive and well-built, none of these commodes are as easy to clean as fully skirted models from the company.

We didn’t find the Carlyle Collection as popular as other options, but there are some interesting commodes in this class.

They are hybrids with built-in bidet features and a unique one-piece design. These TOTO toilets are efficient, ADA compliant, and come with a spacious elongated bowl.

TOTO Wall Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets are unique and something you may not often encounter in a residential setting. They are popular in Europe and other parts of the world but have only started to gain traction in the states.

They require a professional installation more often than not and a unique tank that sits inside the wall.

TOTO has a solid collection of wall-mounted toilets from the SP, RP, EP, and AP lines. Each provides something slightly different, whether in the design or set of features.

You can also purchase smart toilets from the company’s NEOREST series in this style. The NEOREST EW and AC are great alternatives, and the AC comes with ACTILIGHT technology.

These TOTO toilets are sold as a single piece or with a slim in-wall tank system.

TOTO Toilet Technologies

Every toilet manufacturer uses different techniques and technologies on their commodes. TOTO has a range of standard features you’ll find on most toilets, although some stand out more than others.

Before we get to those, we’re going to take a minute to talk about CEFIONTECT glaze.

One of the main terms you’ll hear when shopping for the best TOTO toilet is CEFIONTECT. It’s a unique glaze the company engineered to keep waste from clinging to ceramic surfaces.

It’s highly effective and provides the first line of defense against stains in the bowl.

Flushing Systems

Each of these flushing systems performs the same purpose – to quickly remove waste from a toilet bowl. How they function can dramatically impact price and performance, however.

Tornado Flush

One of the biggest draws for TOTO is Tornado Flush technology which utilizes two nozzles in place of rim holes to ensure a clean bowl after each flush. It’s unique to the company and found in mid to high-end TOTO toilets.

Dual Max

When you want to conserve water, a dual flush toilet is a great way to do that. TOTO’s line of Dual-Max toilets has a flushing mechanism that gives consumers a choice between 0.9 or 1.6 GPF.

3D Tornado Flush

If you fear streaked toilet bowls or clogs, a TOTO toilet with a 3D Tornado flush system may be the best option. These TOTO toilets have three high-powered nozzles and are dual-flush rated at 0.9 or 1.28 GPF.

1.0 GPF Gravity Flush

You’ll only find this feature on new TOTO toilets. Any commode designated as 1G uses the company’s Tornado flush system but is efficient with a rating of 1.0 GPF.


TOTO took a simpler approach with their G-Max flushing system. These TOTO toilets have a larger water surface area, a 3-inch flush valve, and a computer-designed trapway. They are affordable but still have plenty of pop at 1.6 GPF.

toto flushing system


You’ll also find an extra large siphon jet in TOTO’s E-Max series toilets, along with a 3-inch flush valve. It has the same standard features but is more efficient than a G-Max system at 1.28 gallons per flush.


Another advantage of going with TOTO are their WASHLET toilets. I can also be a source of confusion considering there are two types with the WASHLET and WASHLET+.

The TOTO WASHLET is a bidet seat. The company has produced these since the 80s, and they are a great way to bring a spa-like experience to any bathroom.

These seats are easy to install, but there’s a better option if you want a cleaner look in your bathroom.

Any TOTO toilet that’s a WASHLET+ is a commode designed for their bidet seats. These toilets have special channels that hide the electrical cord and waterline. They also come in a variety of styles and configurations.

Regardless of which type of WASHLET model you prefer, here are a few unique features that set TOTO bidet seats apart.


This system cleans the bowl and wand with electrolyzed water. It will pre-mist the bowl as you approach, clean the bidet wand, and give it another misting after use.

EWATER+ toilets automatically cleanse the bowl every 8 hours as well.

Air-In Wonder-Wave

Each bidet that uses an Air-In Wonder-Wave wand conserves water while keeping your private areas clean. The wand emits warm air-infused droplets for a unique and refreshing cleansing experience.


You’ll only find this tech on a few top-tier toilets from TOTO, which feature bowls coated with zirconium.

This keeps waste and gunk from sticking to the bowl and works in conjunction with a built-in UV light to kill any germs left behind.

How Does TOTO Compare To Other Top Brands?

TOTO is a top-rated company in the industry and more comparable to a high-end brand like KOHLER than Delta, Swiss Madison, or store brands like Glacier Bay.

They have an excellent reputation regarding quality control and customer support as well, given their global presence. Replacement parts are easy to acquire as well.

We feel the company has a strong lineup of commodes, although most of their focus is on premium lines.

Although all of their models are designed for efficiency, they don’t have as many “regular” dual flush toilets as other big brands.

Our Verdict

TOTO toilets are at the top of the charts for a reason. They are well-built with a thoughtful design, and they truly have a style and price for everyone.

After careful consideration, we believe the Aquia IV WASHLET+ Dual Flush Toilet is the best example of the company’s various technologies if you’re in the market for one of their famous bidet toilet combos.

If you feel it’s out of your price range or aren’t interested in a cleansing commode, the Drake, Entrada, or Aimes is an excellent alternative.


What is the difference between CEFIONTECT and SanaGloss coating?

The company called the coating SanaGloss before changing the name to CEFIONTECT years later. It’s the same coating but with different names.

Will TOTO wall-hung toilets work with other types of in-wall tank systems?

Yes. Geberit and other in-wall tanks are popular options – just remember to check each model for compatibility.

Can you use the TOTO WASHLET seats with other toilet brands like KOHLER or American Standard?

French-curve toilets can be an exception, but TOTO’s WASHLET seats are compatible with a wide range of bowls from different manufacturers.

How long can I expect a TOTO toilet to last?

The bowl and tank could last for 30 to 50 years if well maintained, although parts like the flushing mechanism or bidet seat are unlikely to last a decade.  

Are TOTO toilets manufactured in China?

If you purchase a TOTO toilet in Europe or Asia, it may come from china. TOTO toilets sold in the United States typically come from the company’s facility in Morrow, Georgia. 

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