Beauty of the Pisgah Forest November 09 2013, 1 Comment

Pisgah National Forest

After a three and a half hour drive from Durham, NC to the Pisgah National Forest, my cousin and I made our first road trip stop at the Sliding Rock. Upon arrival, we spoke with an older gentleman at the visitor center who cautioned us about the 55 degree water we were about to experience. We decided to brave through the cold temps and experience the thrill we had heard about! There were a few others attempting to slide down and we got in line behind them.  The initial run was a bit scary and brutally cold as we plummeted into the 8 foot pool of water at the bottom of the natural rock slide; however, immediately as we climbed out of the pool, the air was warm and we were ready to go again! 

Waterfall in Pisgah National Forest


We continued on our journey and made it a few miles down the path to Looking Glass Falls that led way to a stunning, quickly flowing river.  


Beautiful rushing river going into Looking Glass Falls.

After hiking around the area and drying off from our plunge down Sliding Rock, we connected up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for the most beautiful, scenic drive into Asheville, which was our destination for the night.