DIY Modern Pumpkins November 10 2013, 0 Comments

DIY paint dipping pumpkins for fall decor

I stumbled upon this DIY for paint dipping pumpkins on Pinterest.  What a creative idea for bringing fall decor into your home, in a modern way! Props to Ciera from the Ciera Design Blog for coming up with this spin on pumpkin carving and decorating as plain orange pumpkins with some awful carving (I'm not too good at that part) do not seem to fit into my boho decorated industrial loft.  These however, will be a staple that I won't want to let go! 

Simple directions for pumpkin painting


I put the idea to test and painted two mini heirloom pumpkins I picked up from Whole Foods in Durham.  I used supplies that I already had around the house including masking tape, acrylic paint (these were from a canvas painting phase I went through that lasted all of about one night and included more wine than painting), paint brushes, a paint palette for mixing, cardboard tube from a paper towel roll and a dish of water for rinsing the brush in between colors.  


How to tape a pumpkin for pumpkin painting


Tape off the section you don't want paint to touch and try to keep the tape even all around the pumpkin for a solid line and to obtain the "dipped" look.


Type of paint for pumpkin painting

Choose your color and paint the un-taped section of the pumpkin. 
Drying painted pumpkins
A paper towel or toilet paper cardboard tube makes a great drying rack for the minis. Simply cut the tube into sections and rest the un-painted side of the pumpkin in the hollow end of the tube. 
Finished painted pumpkins!
Once the paint is almost dry (I waited about 45 minutes), carefully peel off the tape and you have a dipped pumpkin that is both festive and boho!