Vintage Scarves Repurposed November 10 2013, 0 Comments

Vintage scarves are so varied they make great art. DIY on repurposed vintage scarves.

I have been collecting vintage scarves over the past year and have just begun to sell them on Etsy.  I enjoy sorting through and finding the boho, vibrant versions. Today as I was perusing Pinterest, I discovered all these great ideas for repurposing the vintage scarves as home decor.  I love the idea of framing these beautiful vintage pieces as they are unique and the prints are colorful and fun. This would preserve these pieces of the past and allow daily adoration. A little more work and sewing skill is involved in creating a curtain (as shown below); however, the time and effort will leave you with a well worth it, one-of-a-kind room divider or window covering.  

Vintage scarves have awesome retro designs. 

A room divider created from vintage scarves.

Frame vintage scarves for a unique DIY art collage.

Vintage scarves stitched together as curtains!