Succulent Greeneries November 14 2013, 0 Comments

Succulents are easy for indoor apartment gardening.


Adding greenery to your home brings life, color and texture to the space. Plants are not only a living decoration, but can add many benefits too. Many plants filter out common volatile organic compounds that are found in the air we breathe inside our homes. An ideal plant for filtering is Aloe because it is easy to grow, loves sunlight and it helps clear formaldehyde and benzene, which can be a byproduct of chemical-based cleaners and paint. Having a living aloe around will also come in handy for healing cuts and burns. If you are leery about keeping a plant alive, stick with the tough varieties like succulents and cacti that only need watering about once a week (less during winter months). 

My most recent addition of greenery began with noticing that my oldest succulent looked slightly pathetic as it was small and barely making a dent in its pot all alone.  I rounded up a few friends for its company from the local store. I removed the rocks that were covering the soil and dug holes for each new addition. After the plants were tucked into the soil, I watered and added back the pebbles. The arrangement is now a happy mix and the one cactus even has an orange bloom! Although it's small, each morning over coffee I enjoy gazing at the various shades of green peaking up from their porcelain pots, stretching to reach the sun. 

Succulents offer a variety of colors and textures for pot gardens.

Create your own succulent pot for indoor enjoyment

A healthy pot of succulents make a beautiful apartment garden.