Prints + Frames Collage DIY January 16 2014, 2 Comments

I've been collecting prints over the past few years from places I have traveled, DIY craft fairs, local shops and fun advertisement post cards, which are usually free, from local events and eatery favorites. This morning, as I drowsily stepped over the pile of frames that have been stacked on my living room floor, I decided it was finally time to hang them! What good is a collection if its not being showcased? Or even worse, hidden away in my desk drawer.

Before I began, I browsed through my Pinterest boards for inspiration. I really like the look of frame wall collages, but as I imagined, hanging with the right spacing would be tricky (that is, without putting 33 unnecessary holes in the wall from adjusting). I found a few useful tips online, and started the project. 

What you'll need:


  • Prints/photos - Make it personal. My favorite prints are those that have meaning to my life, remind me of a moment shared during travels, or relate to the journey that has brought me to where I am now.
  • Frames - Use an eclectic mix. New and old. Square, rectangle and round. A mix of natural and painted finishes. I had a collection of frames that didn't have a use, so instead of buying new, I used those; however, I wish I would have mixed in a few vintage styles as well. Oh well, next time!
  • Hammer, nails, pencil, tape, ruler, roll of wax paper, shears, and yes, coffee!

1) Measure the wall where the collage will be hung. Both height and width of the area. 2) Then, move to the floor and tape off a section with those measurements. This provides you with a work area in the correct dimensions. 3) Arrange the frames in the taped area as you would like them to appear on the wall. 4) Take your stack of photos or prints and pair them with their best frame match. If necessary, cut down edges to fit. Use a ruler to make sure your lines are straight. If the frame has a mat, the cut doesn't have to be spot on. 5) Once all frames are filled and you have tried your arrangement a few different ways, ensuring its the best grouping, flip the frames over in their places. 6) Lay over them a large sheet of wax paper or small sheets taped together. 7) Trace the outline of each hanger, or edge from which the frame will hang, onto the wax paper.  8) Tape the wax paper to the wall. 9) Hammer in the nails where you outlined the hangers. 10) Remove the wax paper from the wall. 11) Place each frame in it's spot. 12) Stand back, sip your coffee, and admire your work!




Shears by

"Roam If You Want To" print by Jump Off The Page on Etsy

Glass Utility Jars by

"Stop and Smell the Roses" card by Rifle Paper Co.