The New Standard: Slow Fashion June 01 2016, 0 Comments

The New Standard in clothing manufacturing. A slow fashion movement.

I've spent a good portion of my life being conscious of the food I was putting in my body - organic, locally sourced and vegetarian. It wasn't until the last few years that I started to feel that I should be making those same conscious, ethical and sustainable decisions when it came to my clothing. Thrifting has been a passion of mine since high school (some 10+ years ago), but along with that, I still purchased pieces from the mass retailers because they were easily accessible, cheap and of course the lovely window displays at Anthro didn't help any. Once I became aware of the impacts that purchasing from these stores had on our planet and the people and animals on it, I started reading the tags on each piece of clothing, like I had done with food ingredient lists for years. I was not so shocked that the majority of my closet was made overseas and after looking up some of the main staple brands that I thought I loved (and paid good money for, assuming this meant quality), finding out that no where on their sites did they mention fair work practices or that this mattered to them, I made the decision to make a change so that I could feel good about this aspect of my life as well.  Since moving to Asheville, I have really tried to focus on buying American made clothing and after watching a TED TALK last night on The New Standard or Slow Fashion, its more clear to me than ever that buying American, organic cotton and quality fabric is hugely important. I've included the link to the TED TALK below that has forever changed the way I will think about clothing.

The High Cost of Our Cheap Fashion

Photography by Sadie Culberson Studios, Asheville, NC.