Discovering Curiosity February 18 2014, 0 Comments

On a road trip to Charleston, South Carolina last spring, I stumbled upon a metal hinged sign featuring a silhouette portrait of a woman's face that led to a vine covered passageway. Walking down the green path a little farther, I discovered a vintage shop named Curiosity. The name was fitting to the location. Upon entering the store my eyes wandered from room to room deciding what unique nook to explore first. Found vintage housewares and decor filled each corner arranged in lovely vignettes. The owner's favorite part of the business was said to be the hunt for unique vintage goods, which is also my most loved shopkeeper task. Curiosity was a true charm to peruse. As new items are continually being found, the inventory is ever changing which presents new treasure to adore at each visit. The shop is located in Charleston's historic French Quarter at 56 1/2 Queen Street. I will be back to shop soon!

Curiosity, a fun vintage store in Charleston visited by Bomisch.    Curiosity greets store visitors with postcard sized business cards.  The store displays on the walkway leading into the showroom.The window displays make one curious to peek in from the street.  Fun handmade window displays fill the windows Curiosity has a fun mix of vintage and new merchandiseVintage shadow art, the inspiration behind Curiosity's logo. Replace fear with Curiosity is the store's theme.