Be Still. Hold the Rush. June 14 2014, 3 Comments


Be still. Just for a moment.

We seem to be busier than ever today yet we are fortunate to have modern conveniences that are supposed to help reduce our workloads. We don't have to farm all day so that our family can eat. We don't have to spend hours washing clothes or doing dishes by hand. It doesn't take us a full day to journey into town to get supplies. The time we have freed up by using modern machinery, we have filled with tasks and schedules, most of which are unnecessary. Take time each day to be still. A writing by Leo Babauta really tends to the stillness our minds and bodies crave. "Be still. Just for a moment. Listen to the world around you. Feel your breath coming in and going out. Listen to your thoughts. See the details of your surroundings. Be at peace with being still..." Take time today to read the full entry and then, just be.