Handmade Home Near Asheville NC June 25 2014, 1 Comment

New friends of mine live in this 800 square foot house about 30 minutes from Asheville. The house is set back off the road, with a winding and steep driveway leading up the hill. A chicken coupe and old shed greet you as you meander up, as well as a sweet little pup. The gorgeous home was built by hand, hard work, and care using all locally sourced, scrapped and found materials and hand milled lumber. It made for the most lovely and inviting space. From the first time I heard of this house, built with no nails or screws, by the homeowner himself, I couldn't wait to visit! It was a warm June day and a group of us gathered here for a party. With no air-conditioning, the house felt cool and breezy with the help of the strategically planned and placed greenhouse built on one end of the home. The greenhouse is used to help circulate air, heat and cool the residence. The windows were all wide open, with no screens, which gave a very free and non-constraining feel and gorgeous view of the land surrounding the home. I hope to be lucky enough to live in such a gem one day, soon!

In North Carolina there stands a house. Handmade. All of it.

Windows that open like shutters, a perfect sill for gardening.A room with glass walls and roof. Let it sunshine!Glass windows that open provide a refreshing breeze.