The Bicycles That Went Postal August 08 2014, 0 Comments

The ultimate boho retro bicycle.
Bomisch delivers packages to the Post Office on a retro bicycle
Update: Since this post, I found a vintage wire basket in New York for my Swobo single speed so it has joined the delivery route as well.
Brandon purchased a new tour-around-town bike from Beer City Bicycles and some accessories from Hearn Cycling & Fitness. Both shops are here in Asheville. And as the name implies, Beer City bike shop conveniently doubles as a bar! Asheville loves its beer and I am happy for that. So, the new ride is comfortable and ideal for taking bo packages up to the Post Office (yes, I've already put it to my own use). I live less than a mile from the Asheville Post, making a car really unnecessary. All this bike needs now is a coffee cup holder and we are set for our morning rides! Shopping small really is charming.