Autumn in Montreat October 13 2014, 0 Comments

Montreat is perfect for a fall hike.
Just outside of Asheville, North Carolina, Montreat is the perfect hiking retreat.
Montreat offers a slew of forest trails for all to explore.
This past Sunday we decided to head into the woods, as it had been far too long - at least a month of no hiking adventures. Montreat is a 15 minute drive from Asheville, tucked away in Black Mountain, just east on I-40. A beautiful Christian college resides in Montreat as well as a slew of meandering, forest dense trails. We started up the Grey Beard trail and then ventured off on a so called "loop" path, that turned out to be nothing more than a path that ended in a fork, with no loop. Along the way we came across a tiny pine, decorated with Christmas bulbs, up-cycled junk and a tiny plastic dinosaur. This distracted us, but only for a moment. At which time we thought maybe we had missed the loop. But no. Still no loop. We ended up in a residential backyard and decided to head back the same way we came in. These aren't difficult paths to navigate so we blamed it on the tiny pine decorated in trash and thought about making our own sign on top of the "loop" designation to help future hikers. The sun made for sections of the hike to be warm and then the mist would slowly sneak in, causing an upheaval of wool and then layering back. The wool layering we wore was from a vintage thrift the day prior at Ragtime Vintage in Asheville, who always has the best pieces! Wool is a great material to take into the woods as it is warm, dries quickly after getting damp, and can also keep you warm when wet, unlike cotton materials. The moisture dense air, sun rays peaking through the modest colored leaves and the sound of the ground crunching beneath my Ahnu boots was stellar and much needed!