Vintage Handkerchiefs October 17 2014, 0 Comments

Vintage Handkerchiefs: Bringing Back an Old Staple and DIY

On my last trip to Upstate New York's Bouckville Flea, I fell in love with vintage handkerchiefs! They all have such sweet prints and details that make each one unique. All men and women used to carry one of these around for cleaning up little spills, wiping hands, their brow, and yes, for help with their runny noses! Oh, and for when that special lady of that manly man carrying around a hanky got a little teary eyed. We think that these should be a staple in everyone's pocket, bag, pack, and bike! If you start carrying one, like I did, you will notice yourself using it more than you could've ever imagined. And of course, wash it frequently (daily). Keep a few around for when your favorite is in the wash. You will also be helping to reduce the production and waste of disposable paper goods! I started exploring Pinterest to see if others were raving about hankies like I, and sure enough, there are also great DIY projects out there turning these delicate little linens into drapes, scarves and wedding details! I have included a few of my favorites here. And the hankies that I found on my last flea marketing adventure can be found in the shop