A Friday Afternoon at Flora + Winter Greens December 12 2014, 2 Comments

Flora is a fun small florist and greenery shop in West Asheville

There's a little flower, garden and home shop in West Asheville, North Carolina named Flora. It's beautiful in its aesthetic, the well thought-out displays and curated simple goods for sale alongside the flowers and greenery stalks. Flora is located in a row that houses a print / letterpress studio, housewares boutique and other small, independently owned shops. It's the on-foot person's ideal block. After Friday brunch at Sunny Point Cafe, Brandon and I strolled over to pick up a few stems to fill the three glass wall pockets hanging above my kitchen sink. I wanted an uncomplicated Christmas style without the overwhelming "HEY, It's Christmas time so I added green and red everywhere!" feel. We picked up one long evergreen branch and three long stems of wax flowers. The woman tending the store wrapped the sprigs in kraft style paper and tied with twine threading Flora's logo stamped manilla tag. I used iron shears to snip apart the greenery pieces into three little bouquets to fit the glass vases. It now smells like a forest in my place - just as I wanted.