Southern chill + discount! January 08 2015, 1 Comment

The big chill hits the south and bomisch

Being from Michigan, I feel lucky to live in the South during the winter months. This week, however, we have the same weather as Detroit. Negative temps with wind chill and I feel a bit unprepared and unadjusted. Just this past weekend it was 70. Yes, 70 degrees in January. Last night, it was negative 4. Looking in my closet, I see an array of down filled jackets and vests, some of which I was getting ready to give away because they make me look like a marshmallow. I usually feel silly even bringing them out as the winter feels like spring here...well, until this week. Now I am thankful to look like the Michelin Man as I am walking around Asheville with the frigid wind blowing from the mountain tops! To help ease the chill in your bones and keep you from leaving your cozy home, take 15% off your order using code "Southern Chill" (now through tomorrow).