Simple Beginnings for 2015 January 18 2015, 0 Comments

A new year brings about changes for the shop and reverting back to the simple.

I took a solid month off from my day job to focus on the store -- the last two weeks of December and the first two of January. I used this time to ground myself and refresh after a whirlwind travel schedule the months prior. I spent many of these days working with my website designer Martin to develop a new aesthetic for the shop and making decisions about the ever growing brand that bomisch is. I am overjoyed and anxious to share the new look in the coming weeks! 

For me and the shop, Twenty fifteen is about reverting back to the simple. When I first started this brand, I longed for wild bohemian colors, imperfect designs and mismatched everything. I still value some of these qualities, but more subtly than before in both the homeware collections and product photography. For the new year, I have been focusing on organic shaped tabletop goods, understated touches of color overtop neutrals, clean lines, simple designs, natural materials and lots of handcrafted goodness! I continue to seek out local vendors and small batch makers. I recently joined the Etsy Wholesale buying group, which allows for a seamless process of finding small makers that offer their unique and quality goods to shops like us. Two of my favorite small makers that joined the shop's offerings in 2015 were We Are Brainstorm and Daydream Prints - both in the paper goods collection. I have also been reaching out to my current vendors and asking about their production processes to ensure that they source fairly traded materials and employ low environmental impact processing while maintaining a well quality of life for their workers.

The new year has brought about rethinking current practices and focusing on getting back to the basics and core values that originally inspired me to start bomisch. I don't tend to make New Year's Resolutions, but I do think that a new year is the ideal time to put thought into what worked in the last year, what didn't, what made you and those around you happy and how to plan each day to ensure that you are using it to its full potential - both for work and at home. I am greatly looking forward to the changes that will develop as 2015 progresses and for the fresh start that a new year brings!