Living Small Fixes + Vintage Throws February 08 2015, 2 Comments

Clavo nails help in organizing a collection of vintage boho throws.

Living in less than 800 square feet with two humans, a fifty pound, energy-filled mutt and all the stuff that the three have accumulated over the last 29 years (well, 3 for the mutt) can be challenging. It takes trial and error to find the right spot for all that stuff and multiple donating trips to the thrift store. A small but needed fix for my ever growing collection of vintage and up-cycled throws finally came to be this past Friday. Prior to this fix, the blankets were folded and stacked on one end of the couch. This looked neat and tidy but was taking up valuable sitting room and that adorable, hairy resident - the dog not the boy - found a way to snuggle up and disassemble the stack each time. A customer of mine had ordered a cluster of our forged iron natural nails and cleverly used them as coat hooks in her mud room, inspiring me to try a similar approach for these bohemian throws. The colorful blankets are now hung neatly in a row in the living area. This keeps them free of dog hair and mutt fort building, which has sadly crushed his day hobby -- the dog again, not the boy (or at least that's what the two of them have me believing).

Rescued mutt finds a way to snuggle in every blanket left behind.

Hand forged iron clavo nails used as hooks.

Small space organizing for this collection of vintage throws.

A mis-matched boho collection of vintage throws.