Morning of the Wedding Bridal Brunch April 25 2016, 0 Comments

Megan Walsh from Atomic Furnishing along with photographer Christina Foret put together a "Morning of the Wedding" photoshoot at Atomic Furnishing's mid-century modern furniture shop here in Asheville, NC. Megan asked if Bomisch's wares could also be part of the day, and I happily joined up to help create three styled shoots - Bohemian, Natural, and Modern. Atomic is renting out their space for bridal brunches, a place to get ready prior to the wedding and as a wedding photography venue. The shoot was to show the different styles that can be done in the space for these events. A few of my favorite shots from the day are included here but the full photoshoot along with styling tips from Megan are up on Apartment Therapy's blog - SO EXCITING! The day was filled with talented company, lots of creative ideas flowing, and all the brunch things one could want! We had a blast collaborating and the day turned out more dreamy that I could have imagined. To see the full photoshoot and Megan's tips on styling, go to Apartment Therapy's post here.

Bohemian wedding brunch for the morning of the wedding styled by Atomic Furnishing and Bomisch.Bridal brunching with a bohemian style, homewares that include vintage and new, and an amazing space.Bohemian wedding brunch and bride.

A mid-century modern bridal brunch with bomisch homewares.Mid-century mod styled bridal brunch at Atomic Furnishing with plant life.Modern styled wedding photoshoot at Atomic Furnishing and bomisch wares.

A natural morning of the wedding brunch styled by Atomic Furnishing with bomisch wares.Morning of the wedding styled with natural elements from bomisch and Atomic Furnishing.