A Curated Holiday Gathering at Home December 07 2016, 0 Comments

We all met at my house this past Sunday morning. Much needed rain was falling outside and the streets were quiet and covered with shallow puddles. Coffee had just finished making when Elissa arrived, and Brandon was in the kitchen cutting through the fresh baked rosemary sourdough I grabbed from the bakery that morning. Anneliesse, the woodworker behind Spoon + Hook, and Tim, the brewer behind Burial Beer, pulled up with arms full of hand carved wooden treasures, homemade tapered beeswax candles, a specially made floral centerpiece from Flora, and beautifully canned craft beers from Burial. We were all coming together for a morning holiday photoshoot collaboration, which turned into more of a gathering of friends that lasted into the late afternoon and was filled with laughs, story sharing, and community. Elissa of E. Ribant Photography captured all the little moments we shared that day so beautifully. The story she tells with her photography says more than I ever could put to words. Here are just a few from the day.