Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

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I had never used a bidet before. I’m from the south, and my grandpa always said they were for fancy folks in France or something like that.

But one day, I was at a hotel on vacation, and there it was — a little box sticking out of the wall with a nozzle on it. Just as I was about to use the bidet for the first time, something crossed my mind: Do bidets spray poop everywhere?

If you’re asking the question I once asked, here’s the short answer: No, bidets do not spray poop everywhere. But it’s not quite that simple.

A bidet functions by spraying downwards onto the buttocks. That way, bidets don’t miss the target unless you experiment too much. But there’s nuance to it, so let’s see what you need to know about using a bidet.

4 Reasons Why Bidets Don’t Spray Poop All Over the Place

Older standalone bidets can sometimes surprise you with a few unexpected splashes, but that’s rarely the case with modern bidets. We’ll discuss four reasons why it’s practically impossible.

Sleek Design

The key characteristic of a bidet is its sleek design that reduces the spraying effect. Your average bidet has a streamlined design that minimizes the chance of missing the target — the whole purpose of a bidet is not to disseminate poop.

They have the shape and dimensions that help you use the tool effortlessly. Your butt naturally fits the oval shape of the bidet, while the nozzle restricts the water flow by keeping it straightforward.

You Can Control the Pressure

When you turn on the water pressure to the maximum, you may cause an occasional leakage. However, it happens rarely because bidets enable you to control the pressure at all times. There are three ways to adjust the pressure:

  • With a knob
  • With a lever
  • Using control buttons

In each case, the chances of doing something wrong are minimal. You are in charge, so you probably won’t make a mistake.

It Has a Highly Targeted Flow

The third reason aligns with the previous. When you use a bidet, you will miss your butt only if you really want to. In all other situations, the thing operates smoothly and simply.

It’s easy to figure out why — your device has a bidet shower that manages the spraying process, keeping it highly targeted. The water has a limited reach, which means that the chances of something going wrong shrink drastically.

Ease of Use

Another thing you should keep in mind is the simplicity of a bidet. All it takes is to squat over it and twist the knob. It’s a straightforward mechanism that ensures precision and ease of use.

In such circumstances, it’s hard to imagine your bidet splashing water all over the bathroom flooring. The bidet won’t leave you with the pants down and sprayed with poop as long as you use it properly.

How to Prevent Bidet Splashes?

If you’re still scared of bidet poop splashes, remember to take precautionary measures and prevent problems. Six tips will help you with that:

Tip 1: Don’t Use Full Pressure Mode

Here’s the first tip to keep in mind — you don’t need extreme pressure. When you activate your bidet, it’s enough to create the right amount of water pressure without taking things too far.

For instance, you can turn the knob counterclockwise only halfway through. This is more than enough to clean your bottom without making a mess in the process. The only exception is a low-pressure bidet that needs extra power to work properly.

However, low pressure in your bidet indicates other issues in the plumbing system, such as partial clogs. In that case, you should pinpoint the problem and solve it as soon as possible.

Tip 2: Target Precisely

Another tip is to target the spray correctly. If you stick to the usual direction — facing the nozzle down and towards the middle — rest assured the bidet won’t spread poop all over the bathroom.

Tip 3: Wipe With Toilet Paper to Remove Bigger Leftovers

Some people avoid toilet paper and use bidets only, but that’s not the ideal solution. Our advice is to wipe your bottom with toilet paper to remove large poop leftovers. After that, you can clean the rest with bidet water.

If you fail to use toilet paper, you will probably have to increase the water pressure in your bidet. In this case, the question “do bidets spray poop everywhere” may have a different answer.

Additional pressure means giving your bidet the extra power, which might cause intense splashes and create an awkward mess.

Tip 4: Sit Properly

The next thing to bear in mind is the sitting position. To use your bidet without trouble, make sure you sit properly on it. It means that your legs should be spread wide enough for your buttocks to get close to the bidet.

If not, you create an air gap that threatens to spoil the fun. The bidet will take more pressure to clean your butt, so it might cause poop-spraying splashes. That’s what makes the body position so important when using a bidet.

Tip 5: Start Slowly

If you are new to using the bidet, take your time and start slowly. Remember to get familiar with all of its parts before cleaning — check the sitting position, test the knob, and see how the water flows down the bowl.

When you start using the bidet, try with a low-pressure mode at first. Once you get used to it and build muscle memory, you can act more freely and clean yourself faster than usual.

Most newbies will spend at least three or four minutes using a bidet, but it goes down to less than a minute for experienced users.

Tip 6: Eat Healthy Food

Wait a moment — what does your diet have to do with your bidet? Here’s the deal — a healthy diet will make your feces easy to clean and remove from the bidet. Many bidets have a self-cleaning mode, but it can be useless if your poop is too hard.

How do you make a bidet-friendly poop? The answer is to eat healthy food with lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugar and greasy meals because they increase the cholesterol level and form stiff and hard feces. 

But if you don’t follow this diet, your poop will often make clogs and it won’t be easy to clean.

Why Should You Use a Bidet?

If you are a traditionalist who uses toilet paper and closets, perhaps we can convince you to give bidets a try. Here’s why:

It Cleans Well

The bidet does an excellent job cleaning your buttocks. You can remove feces and other debris quickly, with no leftover poop in your pants or on your butt. The tool guarantees 100% efficiency.

No Skin Irritation

Most Americans resort to using toilet paper when they want to remove feces thoroughly. However, this method can cause serious irritation for people who have sensitive skin.

A bidet is much more gentle on your dermis because it doesn’t irritate your skin like dry toilet paper. There’s no scrubbing, and the entire process is gentler, softer, and more comfortable.

It Saves Money

Some people believe that using a bidet means spending more money on utility bills, but that’s not true.

First of all, bidets don’t waste as much water as toilet bowls, especially if you flush waste more than once. The average flush system takes nearly three gallons of water, more than enough to complete a full bidet session.

Secondly, using your bidet for cleaning also means spending less toilet paper. You’ll only use it to remove bigger pieces of poop, so you can cut the toilet paper cost by as much as 80%.

It Protects Nature

Bidets use less water and toilet paper, which means they protect nature. There’s no need to cut so many trees to manufacture toilet paper, while water consumption remains fairly low. That makes bidets an eco-friendly bathroom solution.

The Bottom Line

So do bidets spray poop everywhere? If you use them the right way, they definitely won’t spray poop around your toilet bowl. Even the oldest models will function properly if you take measures to prevent poop splashes.

Bidet toilet seats are clean, and they go soft on your buttocks. Bidets help you reduce toilet paper and paper towel consumption. It is your eco-friendly and cost-saving bathroom solution.

Are you ready to give it a try?


Does a bidet get all the poop off?

Yes, a toilet bowl bidet will get all the poop off. The device is very efficient, but you can use wet wipes to clean the biggest pieces before using fresh water. Bidet owners prefer them over a regular toilet because of their cleanliness and ease of use. 

Should you wipe before using a bidet?

It depends on your affinities. Most bidets have pressurized water that can cope with your poop quickly, but it’s also practical to wipe beforehand to simplify the cleaning procedure.  

Do bidets spread bacteria?

It’s fair to say that every bathroom element spreads bacteria to a certain extent, and so does a bidet. However, that’s nothing you should worry about – if you clean the toilet regularly, bacteria from the bidet and other bathroom devices can’t harm you.

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