11 Ways to Keep Poop From Sticking to The Toilet

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When nature calls, you probably don’t think about what’s inside the toilet bowl. But the aftermath can be quite disturbing sometimes.

Not too many scenes look as ugly as poop sticking to the toilet. Besides that, using a brush is no one’s favorite activity. So what can you do about it?

Firstly, you need to know the reasons why it happens. Secondly, you can use a few tricks to prevent it.

This article will show you how to prevent poop from sticking to your toilet.

What Makes Poop Stick To the Toilet Bowl?

There are five main reasons why poop gets stuck in your toilet bowl.

A Weak Flushing System

When you flush the toilet, it should create enough water power to remove debris from the bowl. But if the flush system is weak, you’ll likely see poop sticking to the toilet bowl.

You Aren’t Cleaning the Toilet Regularly

Cleaning the toilet is not enjoyable, so you might skip it more often than you’re supposed to. If you have a large family, toilet debris and mineral deposits will add up quickly.

There may be stains and debris on your toilet bowl that obstruct water flow. If there’s dirt, rust, or calcium built up in the crevices of the surface, poop will stick to those areas.

Hard water is often responsible for the stains you see in the bowl. It is water with high levels of calcium and magnesium — the two elements quickly bind with other particles in the water, forming stains and ridges.

Folds and Ridges on the Toilet Bowl

Sometimes the toilet itself is malfunctioning because its surface is not smooth. If the bowl fills with folds and ridges, you can’t prevent poop from sticking to the surface of the bowl. 

The problem can escalate quickly and you might even have to unclog the toilet with poop still in it. This is not your fault, but rather a manufacturing defect. If you have a valid warranty, you should ask for a refund or replace the toilet.

Eating Fat-Rich Food

If you eat a lot of fatty snacks and meat, your poop produces the glue effect. A fatty diet creates a greasy texture in poop, which sticks to the toilet bowl surface easily. Your poop becomes sticky and the average flush cannot remove all of it in one try. 

How to Prevent Poop From Sticking to Your Toilet?

To keep poop from sticking to your toilet bowl, you can try one of these hacks.

Hack 1: Use a Toilet Cleaner

Toilet cleaners like Clorox can remove stains and mineral deposits.

Apart from being safe and bio-degradable, toilet cleaners eliminate surface obstructions that allow poop to glue to the bowl. 

They form a special coating that lets poop slide over and down the outlet. The problem with the coating is that it disappears after a few dozen flushes, so you’ll have to pour another dose of your favorite cleaner every week.

Hack 2: Clean the Toilet Between Uses

Every time you flush the toilet, some debris stays in the bowl. If you don’t clean the toilet with the brush before the next use, debris will accumulate and form stains. 

Cleaning between flushes with the toilet brush can prevent poop from sticking to your toilet. Keep in mind that it’s not your big weekly or bi-weekly cleaning project, but rather a small everyday thing you can do to eliminate the sticking poop.

Hack 3: Change Your Diet

Switching to a low-fat diet is another way to keep poop from sticking to the toilet. 

Avoiding fat-rich food makes poop less sticky. That means avoiding fatty products such as meat, butter, hard cheese, chocolate, cakes, and similar.

The solution has a nice side effect because a low-fat diet is good for your health, too. Eat lots of vegetables, whole-grain products, fish, and fruits – it will be better for you, your stomach, and your toilet.

Hack 4: Pour Vinegar and Baking Soda in the Bowl

Pouring a mix of baking soda and vinegar in the bowl before going to bed is another way to prevent poop from sticking to your toilet. This method works because it prevents calcium buildup on the bowl’s surface. 

The right mixture includes two cups of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. The solution does a great job in removing old stains, especially if you have hard water.

Hack 5: Try With Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is not only a fizzy soda drink but also a decent stained toilet cleaner. Pour a bottle of Coca-Cola into the bowl and let it work for 30 minutes. After that, scrub your toilet with a brush to remove stains from mineral deposits.  

The best thing about it is that Coca-Cola is cheap, so you use this method frequently. Although unconventional, the strategy works if you need a quick fix and don’t have other cleaning products at home.

Hack 6: Flush the Toilet Before Using it

If you flush the toilet before using it, the surface remains smooth because there is still some water left on the bowl. It can transfer poop to the toilet outlet and keep the bowl clean.

However, this hack is not eco-friendly because you waste a lot of water. It also doesn’t solve the problem permanently.

Hack 7: Use a Pumice Stone

You can use a pumice stone to eliminate yellow stains on the toilet bowl. Rub the surface of your toilet bowl with the pumice stone, but don’t push too hard. 

You can repeat the pumice stone cleaning process every week. Pumice Scouring Stick will make yellow toilet stains disappear gradually.

Hack 8: Use a Non-Sticking Spray

There are many kinds of non-stick sprays that can help you remove poop from your toilet. Sprays represent a slippery coating that helps poop slide down the bowl. All it takes is to spray the insides of your bowl to form a protective layer.

The downside is that non-sticking sprays can only last so long. In other words, you will need to spray the toilet bowl frequently.

Hack 9: Clean the Toilet More Often

This is a simple hack that you probably don’t enjoy seeing. The best way to protect your stained toilet bowl from poop is to clean it more often. Cleaning it once a week is the minimum if you want to eliminate stains and debris.

Sometimes you’ll even notice big stains and lines of mineral deposits in the toilet bowl, especially if you spend a few weeks away from home. In this case, make sure to clean the toilet a little longer to eliminate the most resistant stains. 

That way, you will prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl.

Hack 10: Strengthen the Flush System

A weak flush system in your toilet may be the reason why poop sticks to the surface. This problem can have many causes, but the toilet flapper that closes too fast is the most common.

Hack 11: Replace the Toilet

Sometimes there is no better solution than replacing your toilet bowl. However, we don’t recommend it before trying other solutions. Do your best to clean the bowl surface and think about the new toilet if nothing else works. 

There are many water-saving toilets with a clean and glossy surface that doesn’t allow poop to glue to the bowl surface. 

One of our favorite poop-resistant flushing toilets is Toto Promenade. Its layered surface adds a lubricious quality to the bowl, preventing stain buildups.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t want to see poop sticking to the bowl, you have to regularly take care of the toilet bowls. Cleaning the surface is a must, but you can also use Coca-Cola or change the diet to avoid fat-rich food.

We showed you 11 proven tips on how to prevent poop from sticking to the toilet bowl, but now it’s up to you to test them. Make sure to do it before nature calls you again!


What makes poop thick?

The thickness of your poop depends on what food you consume during the day. We recommend avoiding high-fat foods because they make your poop thicker. Thick poop sticks to the toilet easily.

How often should you clean your toilet bowl?

It’s a matter of personal preference. However, cleaning the toilet once a week is mandatory to prevent poop from sticking to the bowl. The more you do it, the better.

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