What’s Really Causing Your Toilet Bowl Stains: Everything You Need To Know

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Your bathroom is probably the most important place in your whole house, and due to the nature of the room, you absolutely want it to look and feel clean and tidy. In this blog, I will debunk the causes of toilet bowl stains.

Of course, this means you will want the toilet to be spotless too. 

What's Really Causing Your Toilet Bowl Stains: Everything You Need To Know 1

If your toilet bowl is stained though, it can make you feel put off and definitely embarrassed.

Nobody wants to have guests come over and question your personal hygiene, and nobody wants to use a dirty looking toilet. 

But why exactly is your toilet bowl getting stained? I can tell you that it’s probably not why you think!

Usually it’s down to a chemical reaction in the bowl, rather than the product of your waste.

I’ll cover everything you need to know and how you solve the problem in this handy guide below. So, if you’re ready to find out the answers, then read on!

Reasons For Toilet Bowl Stains 

Now, it’s important that I explain that there are various reasons why your toilet bowl can appear stained, but more often than not this can be fixed with regular cleaning using the right products. 

I’ll cover the most common reasons below, and then I’ll explain how you can get your toilet sparkling once again.

Mineral Concentration 

Typically, the stagnant water in your toilet bowl is hard water, and hard water has many more minerals in it than soft water does.

These minerals include iron, calcium and manganese. Over time, these minerals can react with one another. 

Most notably, iron oxide (otherwise known as rust) can show up around the porcelain bowl, and its natural color is an orange to brown shade.

As more time passes, this reaction can get worse and cover more and more of your bowl. 

Generally, to avoid this situation, you will need to ensure that the hard water is being recycled regularly, and you will want to keep up with your toilet cleaning schedule.

This is why many homes that you move into for the first time can have toilets that appear like this.

Believe it or not, another reason for this mineral reaction is the fact that the lid is closed and the area does not get enough air and sunlight.

Without these, things like black mold can produce and reproduce, which can quicken the mineral reactions in the bowl. 

So, it’s also a good idea to ensure your bathroom is aired out from time to time, and you’re keeping the room fresh.

Using The Wrong Toilet Cleaning Products 

I have seen this time and again where people report stains in their toilet bowl but they say they are keeping up with the cleaning of their toilet. However, I usually find the culprit is the toilet cleaner they’re using.

One of the things I will say to you here is, do not be afraid to use cheap, toilet bleach.

Some people like to splash out (if you excuse the pun) and pay for more expensive toilet cleaners with amazing fragrances and pretty colors.

However, these may not actually be working.

I’ve often found that cheap toilet bleach has much more concentrated cleaning agents in them, and if you use this regularly, you will likely find you do not have a problem after around a week.

Human Waste 

An obvious reason for the toilet bowl stains is human waste.

It’s not normally a common reason for toilet bowl stains because human waste typically will wash away with some basic measures and a few flushes.

However, it is not unheard of for people to neglect the cleaning process of human waste on their toilet bowl and leave it until the problem gets worse.

What's Really Causing Your Toilet Bowl Stains: Everything You Need To Know 2

How To Get Rid Of Toilet Bowl Stains 

Here’s what you can do to fix the problem! 

White Vinegar (Best For The Worst Stains)

If you use white vinegar and put it around the bowl, along with a borax paste and some salt – you will normally find that the stains are easy to get rid of.

You might need to do this many times and then scrub hard with a toilet brush.

Cheap Toilet Bleach 

As I mentioned before, the best bleach with high acidity usually solves the problem quickly! 

Keep To A Schedule 

Remember to keep up with your cleaning schedule, using the right cleaning products. Keep using the toilet flush so the water recycles – and don’t forget to allow some air and light into the room.

The Bottom Line 

Some basic steps can get your toilet sparkling clean once again, so I hope I’ve shown you how you can do this! Good luck.

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