Our Story

The story of Morgan, the owner of Bomisch.


W E L C O M E  T O  B O M I S C H

bomisch curates simple, well made and functional wares for you, your garden, and your home. We love found, repurposed, skillfully crafted and handmade goods. Each item in our shop has been selected with great thought and care. Our finds and wares come from markets across the country and local craftsman here in Asheville, NC. We strive to support small batch makers who source and make in the USA. We aim to have an online store that feels as inviting and intimate as your favorite local neighborhood brick and mortar. 

M E E T  M O R G A N,  T H E  F O U N D E R  &  C U R A T O R 

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and eventually made my way south to Durham, North Carolina, where bomisch began. Craving nature and exploration, I then headed west, to the mountains of Asheville, NC, where I now call home. 

Michigan memories are filled with my grandmother's gatherings under her towering, old willow tree in her backyard. Any day could be a celebration under that beautiful tree. She’d bring out stacks of vintage tablecloths, drape them over the worn wood tables that my grandfather made, and topped them with different found bottle vases and snips of wildflowers from her field. Her gatherings were as lovely as my imagination could dream. At home I'd watch my mom sand, stain and piece together old wooden tables, vessels and finds acquired on her yearly travels to upstate New York’s flea markets. Both women had an eye for breathing new life into old, well-made items, and understood how all those precious details made a house a home. My passion stems from them.

Shortly after moving to North Carolina, with a lot of research, saving, and planning, I launched my shop. Two of my very first vendors were makers in Durham, my home then - a friendly beekeeper in his 70s whose beeswax bars were crafted with the help of his bees and his broken-in, well-worked hands, and a talented young seamstress making beautiful pillows out of vintage fabric she found. 

Today, bomisch continues to be a culmination of my passion for well made and simple goods, photography, thrifting, exploring, and community. I run bomisch from my home in Asheville, but many of the goods in the shop I find on adventures, wandering through markets on my travels, talking to makers, and connecting with the people around me. I love finding ways a vintage good can be reinvented so its story can continue anew. I hand-pick, photograph, write copy and market each item in the shop, so if you see it in the store, it has a great deal of my thought and intention behind it.

When I’m not out on the search for bomisch wares, I spend as many moments as I am able hiking in the Appalachian mountains with my sweet and silly dog Ed, dreaming up wild life adventures and sipping coffee with my love Brandon, sharing stories with my life-inspiring parents, and tending to my small backyard garden.

As you explore bomisch, I hope you feel that same sense of discovery and wonder that you’d have exploring a local market or flea, and that I felt when finding these goods. 

Photo credit: Sadie Culberson
Writing inspiration: Kelly Shetron