▷ W H A T  D O E S  V I N T A G E  M E A N  T O  U S ?

bomisch considers an item to be vintage if it is thought to be made about 20 years prior to the current year. We especially like goods from the 60s or earlier. Vintage items on bomisch.com have been carefully selected and purchased at venues such as flea markets, vintage fairs, and antique shows. bomisch is constantly searching for the next treasure to inspire.

bomisch searches far and wide for unique items that have special appeal then brings them home, cleans, polishes, and scrubs the item for you. It is fun to find new homes for mementos of our past. Just remember, each item has been around awhile and lovingly used. There is probably going to be some evidence of wear. While bomisch avoids finds that have major issues, anything noteworthy will be mentioned in the copy.

▷ W H A T  I S  A  F O U N D  I T E M ?

Found means that bomisch searched high and low for a unique product, offered exclusively through bomisch.com. Each found item is unique, one-of-a-kind, and selected with care. The fun is finding a new home for a forgotten item that has great appeal and therefore is saved from ending up in yet another landfill! 

bomisch scours the country for fun, previously owned items that have vintage charm, lovingly removes any dirt and debris, and presents it to eclectic collectors of fun, miscellaneous, but useful accessories.

▷ W H A T  I S  A  M A D E  I T E M ? 

Made goods are hand crafted items that are created and sourced from artists all around the country, including a few special items handcrafted by bomisch. If you make something with a lot of love and inspiration, give us a shout! bomisch is always hunting for creative, handmade living essentials for our bohemian inspired collection.

▷ H O W  S H O U L D  I  C A R E  F O R  M Y  V I N T A G E  I T E M ?

We suggest hand washing or delicate cycle at the very most for all vintage cloth material (with the exception of feedsack products). Feedsack products should not be cleaned with water or the typography and colors will be washed away. For feedsack goods we suggest dry-cleaning or spot cleaning only. Vintage glass wear is suggested to be washed by hand unless otherwise noted in the product description.