Large Hand-Carved Baker's Dozen Wood Spoons


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A wooden spoon is a time-honored must-have in your kitchen. Handcarved by craftsmen, this Baker's Dozen Beechwood Spoon set is gorgeously crafted. Each wooden spoon is unique in its appearance and function. All are made of solid beechwood. Wooden spoons are naturally antibacterial and safe for everyday use in the kitchen. Lengths vary, but in general, all are around 12 inches long and are sized for cooking and serving. Comes in a muslin bag.

  • 13 in set
  • Each wooden spoon is uniquely carved
  • Each wooden spoon is about 12" long
  • Packaged in muslin bag
  • Beechwood
  • Antibacterial
  • Handcarved
  • Small homeware maker Sir/Madam