Do You Really Need A Second Bathroom?

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A house with more than one bathroom allows for a flexible and convenient environment for everyone in the family.

The number of bathrooms you will need in the home is an important decision since you have to consider your needs carefully.

Modern homes often have different bathrooms designed with unique styles and fixtures to accommodate the needs of different individuals in the home.

The number of bathrooms you need depends on the number of people, the size of the house, and the needs of the people.

Elderly, children, adults, and guests all have different needs that should be considered carefully.

Here is a list of simple pros and cons that can help you come to an informed decision on whether you need the second bathroom in the house.

Why Do You Need a Guest Bathroom?

Classic Bathroom

Installing a guest bathroom in your home is an important decision to make – mainly because it’s an expensive endeavor and needs to be used frequently to be worth the money that you spend on it.

If you have guests in your home often, you should consider their needs and requirements too.

It can be hard for the guest to get comfortable if they are sharing the same bathroom as you.

They may be too careful since they won’t want to take up too much space on the shelves or the counter.

A guest bathroom can be specifically designed to accommodate your guests.

For example, you can install a shelf in there that you can leave empty so that they can store all of their things on it.

You can also leave some extra toiletries in case they forget something; this can be a nice gesture that they will definitely appreciate.

Pros and Cons of Multiple Bathrooms in the Apartment

There are many pros and cons to having multiple bathrooms in the same house, especially if there are more than a few people living in the house.

Here is a comprehensive list that you should consider.


Morning Routines

Couple In Bathroom

If multiple people in the house have to go to work or school at the same time, the morning routine will definitely be hectic with just one bathroom (unless all of you work like clockwork so early in the morning).

Having multiple bathrooms will make sure that the morning routine is faster and more efficient.

You won’t have to worry about getting late for work because you had to wait for your siblings to get out of the shower.

A lack of hot water is another problem that plagues those who have to leave the house early in the morning.

With multiple bathrooms, everyone can get more than enough hot water to have their morning shower.


Building on what we talked about in the introduction, if you’re hosting some guests at your place, managing with one bathroom can be hard.

You may have to make space for them in the bathroom so that they can keep their toiletries.

However, if you have multiple bathrooms in the house, they can use the other bathroom without feeling like they are taking up your space.

All this will ensure that they feel comfortable while they stay at your place.


Sharing bathrooms with the whole house is definitely more unhygienic than people often even think about.

Since people often have to shower or use the bathroom one after the other, the risk of exposure to each other’s germs is incredibly high.

If someone in the house is sick, the closed environment of the bathroom makes it easier for everyone in the house to get infected.

Different people also have different levels of hygiene.

Just because one person is okay with leaving the toilet seat up after doing their business doesn’t mean that everyone in the house feels this way.

Different bathrooms allow people with different hygiene standards to live in harmony with each other.


Woman Bathing

It can be utterly wonderful to have your own private space to take care of your hygiene and other needs.

If you have to work around someone else’s schedule or things, it can be tough.

Having your own private bathroom to try out the new wax strips you got or relax in a tub with some candles can be heavenly.

Elderly or Children

The bathroom can often be a really dangerous place for the elderly.

You may have to design the bathroom in such a way that it accommodates older adults so that they can age gracefully.

Families often have to install handrails so that getting on the toilet or into the bathtub is easier.

Some people may even require raised toilet seats since they can be easier to sit on and get off from.

You may even have to install shower chairs so that the older adult doesn’t have to risk slipping in the shower.

If you have multiple bathrooms, you will be able to design the bathroom in such a way that it is less risky for the elders in your family.

If you have children, you may want the bathroom to have some safety measures in place.

Experts recommend installing non-slip flooring to protect them. You can even have a low sink that they can reach with ease and without help.

Some people also attach stools that can be pulled out so that the kids can stand on them.

You may also need to install a bathtub, so that bath time is easier to deal with; there’s nothing more precious than a child splashing around in the tub with a cute rubber duck!

Available Choices

Woman In Modern Bathroom

If you have multiple bathrooms, you can install different facilities in both.

Shower tub combos don’t look as good and can take up more space, and installing both in one bathroom seems too ridiculous at times.

Having one bathroom with an amazing shower can be perfect for morning routines.

If you don’t have time to draw up a bath, the shower can be a quick option. Plus, it uses less water, and the hot spray feels really relaxing.

On the other hand, there are some days where you just need to draw up a soothing bubble bath.

If you don’t have a bathtub, how will you use all those colorful bath bombs?

Bathtubs are a great way to sit back and have some time to think.

You may even need the tub for your kids. So, it can be better to have a second bathroom with different facilities.


Water Usage

If you have a second bathroom, you should consider water usage.

You will definitely be receiving a larger water bill since there will be more consumption of water.


Bathroom Maintenance

Maintaining a bathroom can be costly and time-consuming work, especially if you like to hire a professional to do the job for you.

They will be able to make sure your bathroom is running in perfect condition, but it will come with a price tag.

Even if you don’t get professionals, maintaining multiple bathrooms can still be difficult.

All those blocked drains, clogged pipes, and old fixtures need to be dealt with, and if you’re maintaining them yourself, you’re in for a tough time.


Let’s be honest; nobody likes to clean toilets.

With a second bathroom, you have to consider the fact that you will have to spend more time cleaning toilets that you’d like.

Cleaning the bathroom is hard work since you have to scrub the tubs, make sure the floor is clean, replace mats, clean fixtures, and unclog drains.

All of this can be a hard day’s work, and doing it for multiple bathrooms can be really difficult to manage.

Energy Waste

Tankless Water Heater

A second bathroom will also result in the increased use of energy in the house.

You will have to pay more to provide heat for all the hot water you are using.

Water heaters can be expensive as they are without adding a whole new bathroom to the mix.


A second bathroom in the house can definitely be a great thing if you have many people in the house with different needs.

It allows you to be flexible and design each in a different way so that it caters to more people.

If you have guests over, you will need a separate bathroom in that case as well.

However, if you don’t have that many people in the house, it can be prudent to consider the cons carefully as well.

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