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With a history spanning more than 100 years, KOHLER is a storied brand with hundreds of high-quality fixtures.

They are a company homeowners turn to when looking for an elongated modern toilet or something simple with a round front bowl.

One of our favorites is the smart and classy KOHLER Veil. This intelligent toilet has all the bells & whistles, while the KOHLER Highline Classic toilet is an excellent option for a powerful flush.

Those are just two of the commodes found in our KOHLER toilet reviews. You’ll find information on those models and more in our guide, which highlights the brand and some of the top features found on their stylish toilets.  

7 BEST KOHLER Toilet Reviewed

Finding the best KOHLER toilets from their extensive catalog is easier said than done.

With that in mind, we chose commodes that fit a variety of needs, from the budget-friendly KOHLER Wellworth toilet to other KOHLER toilets to the sleek San Souci.

Best Smart Toilet

1. KOHLER Veil One-Piece Intelligent Toilet

Best KOHLER Toilets 1Best KOHLER Toilets 2


  • Automated flush and lid
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Heated seat, nightlight & deodorizer
  • Dual-flush at 0.8 or 1.28 GPF
  • Tankless design


  • May require a professional installation

The selection of smart commodes is relatively small compared to other intelligent fixtures you’ll find in a home.

KOHLER has several brainy models, but the Veil toilet is the top option if you want a commode with plenty of features and dual-flush technology.

This toilet is fully automated. The heated toilet seat will open and close as you approach or leave the commode. It will also flush itself but comes with a touchscreen remote control for added convenience.

The bidet wand is made from stainless steel with front and rear wash modes but is highly adjustable from the angle to the temperature.

KOHLER makes toilet paper a thing of the past with the Veil, thanks to a warm-air dryer. The intelligent toilet is hygienic as well, with a self-cleaning system utilizing electrolyzed water and UV light.

As a dual-flush toilet, the Veil provides options of 0.8 or 1.28 GPF. Light illuminates the elongated toilet at night, and an automatic deodorizer clears any unpleasant odors from the bathroom. This tankless toilet is comfort height with a Quiet-Close toilet seat.

The KOHLER Veil is one of the best smart toilets on the market. We love the tankless design, and it’s hard to beat the features found on this automatic commode.

You may want to consider a professional installation for this toilet, however, which will add to the hefty price tag.

Best Traditional Toilet

2. KOHLER Kathryn Comfort Height Toilet

Best KOHLER Toilets 3Best KOHLER Toilets 4


  • One-piece design
  • Concealed trapway
  • 3-inch flush valve
  • Elongated bowl
  • 1.28 GPF


  • Expensive compared to similar models

Bathroom styles have changed dramatically over the years, and manufacturers have turned towards new designs as a counter.

Homeowners looking for a commode with a more traditional style will appreciate the KOHLER Kathryn and the classic vibe it brings to bathrooms.

The Kathryn is an efficient single-flush toilet rated at 1.28 GPF. It has a 3-inch valve with the company’s popular AquaPiston canister for a powerful flush. The gravity-based toilet is also easy to clean because of the one-piece design. 

You won’t find any antique commodes with a concealed trapway, but you’ll get one on the Kathryn. This helps keep maintenance to a minimum, and the seat detaches in seconds through the company’s quick-release mechanism.

This is the best KOHLER toilet for homeowners interested in a traditional look, but the updated design of the Kathryn is ideal for modern homeowners.

It comes with the Glenbury Quiet-Close seat and is one of the tallest commodes, with a height of 16.3 inches without the seat attached.

Best Pressure Assisted Toilet

3. KOHLER Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet

Best KOHLER Toilets 5Best KOHLER Toilets 6


  • Pressure-assisted flushing system
  • Comfort height
  • Elongated bowl
  • 1.4 gallons per flush


  • No seat or bolt caps

It’s not hard to find a toilet from KOHLER that provides a strong flush. Sometimes you need a boost, however, which is where pressure-assisted toilets come into play.

The top choice from KOHLER is the Highline Classic Pressure Light, a toilet that ensures a clean bowl every time.

The Highline is attractive but somewhat unremarkable from a design standpoint. It’s a two-piece toilet with a classic design and an elongated bowl. The Highline is comfort height without the seat and has an exposed trapway.

What sets this toilet apart is a large trapway and the Sloane FLUSHMATE valve. A small pressurized tank inside the toilet tank adds a boost to every flush.

That’s a significant advantage for “heavy flushers” that leave a lot of waste behind or go through a lot of toilet paper.

We feel this version of the Highline is the best KOHLER toilet for homeowners looking for a no-clog commode. As long as you have static pressure between 20 to 80 PSI, you will not be disappointed by the Highline.

The only negative is it does flush louder than a traditional toilet, and you’ll also need to pick up a seat.

Best One-Piece Toilet

4. KOHLER San Souci Comfort Height Toilet

Best KOHLER Toilets 7Best KOHLER Toilets 8


  • Modern one-piece design
  • Elongated bowl
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Comfort height


  • Some reports of quality control

One of the perks of buying a KOHLER brand toilet is the steady flow of new designs. It’s something the company is known for, and one reason the San Souci caught our eye. This one-piece toilet is efficient but has a compact modern design.

Elongated toilet bowls are popular and a great way to add a little more comfort on your trips to the bathroom.

They can also take up more space, but KOHLER designed the San Souci to conserve it. It has a seamless look with a one-piece design and a partially concealed trapway.

Small yet mighty, the San Souci sports a 3-inch flush valve inside the tank. The bowl stays tidy with an AquaPiston canister, which provides a 360-degree rinse.

The toilet is efficient at 1.28 GPF and is 16.5 inches from the floor to the bowl without a seat.

San Souci one-piece toilets will save space in a small bathroom despite the elongated bowl. Consumers felt it was easy to install and maintain and appreciated the range of colors the San Souci is available in.

Best Compact Toilet

5. KOHLER San Raphael Toilet

Best KOHLER Toilets 9Best KOHLER Toilets 10


  • Compact design
  • Fully skirted trapway
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Elongated toilet bowl


  • Low-profile design won’t be for everyone

KOHLER has a variety of one-piece toilets, and they are one of the better options for homeowners in search of a modern design. When you have a smaller bathroom and want something unique, the San Raphael is an interesting alternative.

This toilet shares a lot in common with the San Souci when it comes to design but is shorter with more curves.

The KOHLER San Raphael also has a wider trip lever and thinner lid. The base of this toilet is fully enclosed, so there are no crevices or cracks to clean.

While thin, the tank houses a 3-inch flush valve which helps the San Raphael achieve a MaP score of 1,000. It is WaterSense certified with a flush rating of 1.28 GPF as well.

This commode comes with a Quiet-Close seat which brings the height up to around 16 inches.

The KOHLER San Raphael is a toilet that homeowners feel is both stylish and highly efficient. It’s a perfect option for smaller spaces, although the shallow bowl and water level may be a turn-off for some homeowners.

Best Dual-Flush Toilet

6. KOHLER Wellworth Two-Piece Toilet

Best KOHLER Toilets 11Best KOHLER Toilets 12


  • The price tag
  • Dual-flush at 1.1 or 1.6 GPF
  • Class 5 flushing system
  • Easy to install


  • No seat included

KOHLER produces high-quality commodes, but they often come with a premium price tag. The classic KOHLER Wellworth toilet is a budget-friendly toilet and one of the company’s top models overall. 

A Class 5 flushing system powers this two-piece toilet along with a 3-inch flush valve. While the rating of 1.6 GPF may not seem ideal for water conservation, that’s for a strong flush and perfect for solid waste. The Wellworth is a dual-flush toilet, so it only uses a meager 1.1 gallons per flush for liquid waste.

This commode can push more water than most models on our list and sports an updated design from a traditional two-piece toilet.

The round bowl will also help conserve space in a bathroom. This model doesn’t come with a seat, and at 14.5 inches from floor to bowl, it’s a standard height toilet.

The Wellworth might not be that appealing at first glance, but it’s a powerful commode with a great price point. The fact it’s a dual-flush system is a major perk – even if the height won’t be ideal for some homeowners.

Best Wall-Hung Toilet

7. KOHLER Veil Wall Hung Toilet

Best KOHLER Toilets 13Best KOHLER Toilets 14


  • Elongated bowl
  • 500-pound weight limit
  • Reveal Quiet-close seat
  • Seamless style


  • Quality control complaints

Wall-hung toilets are an acquired taste for some but a must-have fixture for some homeowners. If you like the style of the company’s smart toilet but are interested in a wall-mounted unit, the Veil K-6294 should be high on your list.

This toilet is compact in more ways than one. It’s one of the best wall hung elongated toilets with a design that saves up to a foot of space in any bathroom.

The installation height for the Veil wall-mounted commode is between 15 3/8 inches to 28.5 inches from the floor.

If you already have an in-wall tank, this bowl is ready to go. Otherwise, you may want to consider this dual-flush actuator rated at 0.8 or 1.6 GPF.

When properly installed, the Veil has a load-bearing capacity of 500 pounds. It’s suitable for average-sized and heavier homeowners, although you may need a sturdier toilet seat.

The Veil is the best KOHLER toilet if you already have an in-wall tank and want an affordable throne to sit upon. It’s compatible with Geberit and other carrier systems as well.

On the downside, we did notice several consumers weren’t happy with the side panels on this particular model.

KOHLER Toilet Reviews

As one of the older American manufacturing companies in the plumbing world, KOHLER is known around the globe and beloved in the states.

The company has come a long way from its days of producing enameled horse troughs, and they’ve been in the bathtub business since 1883.

Today, you can find the company’s products in hardware stores and online retailers throughout the world. That includes high-quality fixtures like toilets that are available through their bathroom division.

We’ve touched on several top models from the company’s catalog, like the San Souci and Veil smart toilet. Any of these commodes are a fine choice for a home, but now it’s time to dig deeper into their stylish lineup.

KOHLER Toilet Collections

KOHLER’s site is easy to navigate but may look a little light with selection comparison to other brands.

There are a number of “discontinued” products still widely available, although their current collections consist of around 23 product lines.

Many toilet commodes are sold in different configurations as well. What listings you see online or in a store may differ from what you’ll find on their official site.

In other words, if you’re looking for a particular model with a large oval bowl or right-handed lever – don’t rule it out.

One-Piece KOHLER Toilets 

Over half of KOHLER commodes are one-piece designs. Some smart toilets fall into this class as well, although these collections all have standard intelligence.

Homeowners interested in toilets that have a classic or more traditional style will appreciate the Kathryn toilet from KOHLER.

Its design harkens back to the 1930s but is efficient at 1.28 GPF. The KOHLER Tresham toilet and the KOHLER Memoirs toilet have a similar vibe and the same rating but also come in two-piece styles.

If you’re interested in something a little more updated, the Cimarron and Adair are toilets that come with the company’s popular Quiet-Close toilet seat. The KOHLER San Raphael is a modern compact commode, while the Brazn takes an entirely different approach.

Many toilets in this range from the KOHLER Santa Rosa toilet to the Harken have an elongated bowl. The most unique commode is the Avoir, a comfort height toilet with a tankless design.

Two-Piece KOHLER Toilets

The two-piece selection of KOHLER toilets isn’t quite as varied as their single-piece toilets, but there is something for everyone.

One of their more popular options is the KOHLER Highline toilet. This highly configurable toilet is affordable, just like the Wellworth. The attractive toilet won’t break the bank and is one of the best dual-flush toilets on the market for the price.

The KOHLER Betello, Archer, Kelston, and Corebelle are other interesting choices in this class. On the opposite end of the design spectrum is the Persuade Curv comfort height toilet. It’s one of their more robust dual-flush models rated at 1.0 or 1.6 gallons per flush.

Those toilets are all attractive, whereas the Devonshire has a more transitional style. It’s an elongated comfort height toilet.

While the KOHLER Cimarron toilet is also transitional with a similar height, you can get this commode with a round toilet bowl.

Smart KOHLER Toilets

KOHLER produces three intelligent commodes, including the Karing, a toilet that came in at the top of our best smart toilet list.

The Karing is one of their more affordable toilets in this range but certainly isn’t light on features. It also has an entirely different style than the KOHLER Veil intelligent toilet. From self-cleaning features like a UV light to the stainless steel bidet wand, this Veil has it all.

It’s an automated system, like the KOHLER Eir. The back of this toilet is squarer, but you’ll find a similar set of features with a few extras.

This toilet is more efficient at 0.8 or 1.28 GPF per flush and comes with a choice of two finishes along with traditional white.

Wall-Hung KOHLER Toilets

Homeowners shopping for a wall-hung toilet from KOHLER only have a few options to choose from. Each has a completely different style, however, whether you prefer something traditional or transitional.

We talked about the Veil in our list of the best KOHLER toilets, and it’s an excellent choice for a modern bathroom.

The KOHLER Memoirs toilet actually doesn’t look like a commode at all. The design is more in-line with a shelf than a commode, which pairs nicely with other fixtures from the company’s Memoirs collection. 

KOHLER Memoirs toilet wall hung

We also like that you can purchase this toilet with a black finish – something difficult to find from other wall-mounted commodes. 

Colors and Finishes

How often have you walked into a bathroom only to find a solid white commode? White is the most popular option for residential and commercial restrooms.

While there are several shades of white, you aren’t stuck with one color when you choose KOHLER.

Biscuit and Almond are the closest shades to white from KOHLER. You’ll want to consider a toilet in Sandbar, Dune, or Ice Gray if you prefer something slightly darker. Cashmere and Thunder Gray take things up a notch along with the aptly named Black Black.

Toilet color may seem like a minor thing, but you’ll be surprised by the impact a Cashmere or Ice Gray commode can have in a bathroom.

KOHLER Toilet Options

Toilet tanks and bowls aren’t high-tech products, even if the technology used to design them is on the cutting-edge today.

toEvery major toilet manufacturer provides homeowners with options, and KOHLER is a brand that offers more than most.

An elongated toilet is popular for the extra room they provide, and these styles make up most KOHLER toilets in their current lineup. They have less than a half-dozen styles with a round toilet bowl, including models like the Cimarron, Wellworth, and San Souci.

KOHLER also has a line of compact elongated toilets if you want extra room but still need to conserve space. Prefer a trip-lever on the right side of the tank instead of the left?

That’s an option on more than half of the commodes from KOHLER. We also found that comfort height toilets outnumber standard height commodes by a margin of 2-to-1 with this brand.

Most of the company’s toilets are designed for a standard 12-inch rough-in aside from a handful of models. The Highline and Betello are the only two commodes from KOHLER available for 10, 12, and 14-inch rough-ins.

KOHLER Flushing Systems

Flushing technology is something every commode company likes to talk about, and for a good reason. It powers the commode and can also conserve or use a significant amount of water.

This is also another area where KOHLER stands out.


You’ll find the AquaPiston flush canisters in many of KOHLER’s most powerful toilets. When combined with the Revolution 360 flush system, this canister flush valve will keep the bowl clog and streak-free.

Class Five Flushing Systems

When you want a commode built to handle bulk waste, look for the Class Five flushing system. These large, single, or siphonic dual-flush toilets provide optimum performance.

Power Lite Toilets

Enlarged trapways and large flush valves will only get a toilet so far. The Power Lite system from KOHLER provides extra punch thanks to a .2 HP low-profile pump and a soft-touch flush actuator.

Pressure Lite Toilets

KOHLER Pressure Lite toilets are designed for a quiet but powerful flush using less water. They still have plenty of pop, although they are quieter than Power Lite systems due to advanced noise mapping.

What is KOHLER Continuous Clean?

Continuous Clean is an exciting technology from KOHLER that will keep your toilet fresh. These toilets allow you to use cleaning tabs inside the tank, which disperses fresh water throughout the bowl with every flush.

This helps your toilet bowl stay cleaner longer and works alongside the company’s Revolution 360 and CleanCoat technology. Toilets with this feature utilize the powerful AquaPiston flush canister.

How Does KOHLER Compare Against Other Top Brands?

KOHLER is considered a premium brand for many homeowners despite having some very affordable commodes in their arsenal. On average, they’ll cost more than American Standard, but you will get a much wider selection of styles overall.

KOHLER commodes are easy to find online or locally. They have a reputation for excellent customer support, and you certainly won’t have any problem finding OEM or third-party replacement parts for their toilets.

We also feel they have the best line of configurable toilets if you’re willing to order direct. While they don’t have the largest selection of round bowls or rough-in sizes, they do have a style and price point that should suit everyone’s needs.

Our Verdict

The best KOHLER toilet should come down to performance, style, and price for most homeowners interested in the brand.

The KOHLER Veil is our top pick if you want an intelligent commode from the company.

The Wellworth is ideal if your budget is tight and consumers looking for something compact can’t go wrong with the KOHLER San Raphael.

While the models on our list are just a small sample of what the company has to offer, they provide the best balance of price and performance.


How long does a KOHLER toilet warranty last?

You’ll get a standard 1-year warranty against defects in the material or from workmanship on all porcelain KOHLER toilets. That guarantee extends to 3 years from intelligent toilets from the company.

What kind of surface treatment does KOHLER use on their porcelain toilets?

CleanCoat is a treatment used on KOHLER toilets to prevent bacteria or mildew from building up on the surface.

Can you use any type of cleaning tablet in a Continuous Clean toilet?

No. The company doesn’t recommend any tablets that contain blue detergent as they are not as effective in their system.

How do I find factory replacement parts or a matching KOHLER toilet seat?

The best way is to start with the company’s product locator tool from their official site. It will walk you through the steps to identify the fixture and find the proper part. 

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