5 Best Bathroom Cabinets for Your New Bathroom

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A vanity cabinet is one of the most remarkable features of a bathroom.

It is typically used to store bathroom essentials and accessories, adding a personal touch to the room.

You can go for big cabinets that look like an incredible walk-in closet, making your bathroom feel like a second home to you.

However, if you prefer a minimalist style, you can opt for modest cabinets, capacious enough to hold your vanity essentials, but still manages to add a personality to your bathroom. 

Your bathroom may not be complete without a quality bathroom vanity and cabinet.

If you have recently moved to a new house and are looking for the best bathroom cabinet for your new bathroom or you are remodeling your old bathroom and want to enhance it with the best bathroom vanity, here is a comprehensive bathroom vanities reviews guide to help you choose the best cabinet.

Best Floor cabinet: Sauder Caraway Floor Cabinet

Sauder Caraway Floor Cabinet


The Sauder Caraway Floor Cabinet by the Sauder Collection is your ultimate solution to all your bathroom storage needs. This is a stylish floor cabinet that has three spacious compartments covered with a sturdy white door that has a shiny, metallic handle to open and close the door efficiently.

The door cabinet boasts a neutral white finishing that goes well with all types of bathroom interiors. Whether you have a large, modern bathroom or a small, old-styled one, the Sauder cabinet will add a touch of soft beauty to your personal space.

Mind you; style is not the only laudable aspect of the Sauder Caraway Floor Cabinet. The stunning white piece also offers great functionality to the user. With the three spacious compartments, you can stock your bathroom stuff, including a bath towel, toilet paper, lotions, soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc.


The only drawback of this simple yet elegant piece is that it is too modest in size. This means that the cabinet won’t be the best choice if you have massive storage needs.

Extra Features

The beautiful white bathroom cabinet is constructed from premium wood. It features soft white paint with a slate finished accent that looks like real wood.

The floor cabinet also has a reversible door that opens both left and right. Once you open the door, you get access to three large compartments that can be used for storage, of course.

The product comes with most of its assembling parts, so you won’t have to buy its hardware separately. The best thing about this cabinet is that it fits well with other products in the Sauder Design Collection.

Besides your bathroom, you can use this versatile item in your bedroom or living room. Made in the United States, the product comes with a 5-year limited warranty. So, you can fully trust its quality and durability.

Buying Advice

The Sauder Caraway Cabinet is the perfect example of functional minimalism. Owing to its elegant design, the cabinet is a perfect addition to all types of bathrooms.

The cabinet not only is well-designed, but it is highly functional too. If simplicity is your ultimate style, then this cabinet is just for you!

Runner-Up: VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet Free Standing

VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet


The VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet Free Standing is an ideal pick when you need more storage space in your bathroom but don’t want to settle for anything less than perfection. The Bathroom Storage Floor is quite spacious as it offers ample storage space with its two wide shelves.

The cabinet features a rich, white tone that complements any décor or bathroom color. It easily mixes into an all-white space and keeps its overall style intact.

That said, this versatile cabinet also incorporates well into bright, well-designed bathrooms to balance things out. All in all, this floor cabinet is a safe choice and perfect for all kinds of bathrooms.

Other than the bathrooms, this storage cabinet can be an elegant addition to other spaces as well, including your bedroom, living room, etc. This cabinet helps increase storage space and gives a classy touch to home décors.

Because of its modish and stylish construction, the floor cabinet is always a great choice for modern customers. The material is crafted with care and proves to lasts for years. Its reliability and quality are unparalleled, which is what makes it so distinguishable from other branded cabinets. 


This VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Floor is slightly large, which typically only complements spacious rooms. It is over 23 inches in length and over 11 inches in width, making it suitable for most medium or large-sized bathrooms. The cabinet can take up a lot of room, so smaller bathrooms may end up looking quite crammed.

The floor cabinet also lacks fun, decorative designs, so it may not be a great choice if you want to jazz up your bathroom space.

Extra Features

The storage cabinet features a sturdy MDF construction with impeccable white paint that helps prevent the buildup of mold and mildew and keeps the unit in tip-top condition at all times. The product also consists of an anti-toppling fitting, which ensures that it will remain 100% safe and secure.

The shelves of the floor cabinet offer ample space, allowing the user to conveniently store their bathroom essentials.

The cabinet has two doors with neat metal handles; as you open the cabinet, you will see two adjustable shelves where you can store small and large bathroom essentials, including your bathrobe, slippers, bath towel, tissue papers, sanitary items, etc. 

The package comes with a detailed, step-by-step guide that makes it easy for you to assemble the cabinet in no time.

Buying Advice  

If you’re looking for a spacious and low-maintenance floor cabinet, look no further than the VASAGLE Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet. With its solid style and functionality, the product is indeed a masterpiece!

Alternative: Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet


A list of the best bathroom vanities is incomplete without mentioning the Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet in White. This is an adjustable white cabinet, featuring two tall shelves for easy storage of tall objects such as books, scented candles, hair and skin products, etc.

This bathroom floor cabinet perfectly captures the charm of simplicity and elegance. With an ivory white finishing, the bathroom storage cabinet can be a harmonious addition to both modern and traditional bathrooms.

The white cabinet not only fits well in the bathroom but blends in well in the living room or bedroom – this is what makes it so versatile and appealing. You can place this adaptable cabinet next to your bedroom’s window or closet, or you can install it under your sink (as an under-the-sink cabinet) in your living room.


The product is weaker than most wooden cabinets, making it highly susceptible to cracks and splits under extreme pressure. It also absorbs water quickly and swells as a result.

When cleaning the washroom or taking a shower, you will have to be cautious and make sure that the cabinet isn’t exposed to any excess moisture.

Extra Features

The white storage cabinet is made from a supremely durable Medium Density Fiberboard. This material holds economic value to common people as it is affordable and accessible.

Unlike most wooden cabinets that have knots and kinks, this small cupboard has a neat and smooth surface. It is also resistant to harmful insects and chemicals – thanks to its powerful construct.   

The ivory-white cabinet is unique and multifunctional. It allows you to store a wide range of things in different compartments. For instance, you can store cleaning supplies on the open shelf, towels and other stuff in the bottom shelf, and decoration items, books, etc. on the top shelf, behind the white door.  

The cabinet is made without cutting wood. Its manufacturing procedure also lacks the use of harmful chemicals, making it an environment-friendly product. Its lacquered surface also makes it easy to care for and maintain – a perfect option for low-maintenance consumers.

Buying Advice

Round off your bathroom vanity with this simple and modish floor cabinet. It has a nice, neutral tone that goes well with all types of mirrors and under-sink cupboards. With this versatile piece, you won’t have to worry about mixing and matching. Plus, it is one of the best bathroom vanities for the money, so it’s absolutely worth it.

Best Wall cabinet: Zenna Home Cottage Collection Wall Cabinet

Zenna Home Cottage Collection Wall Cabinet


The Zenna Home Cottage Collection Wall Cabinet is a square-shaped white wall cabinet, ideal for bathrooms that may lack enough floor space. The cabinet boasts a neutral shade that complements colored and decorated walls. With its immaculate design and shape, it elevates the bathroom a notch higher.

The valuable wall cabinet features an open shelf and enclosed shelf behind two doors that have a smooth metal handling for smooth opening and closing. It’s wide enough to offer an abundance of storage for bathroom cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.

The open-top shelf can be used either for functional or decorative purposes. For instance, you can place a small indoor plant on a top open shelf or your skincare products – if you like.


One of the major drawbacks of this wooden cabinet is that it is prone to excessive humidity. If the shelf receives excess moisture, it may affect the wood. Over time, the wood may shrink, and this may result in the warping of the wood.

However, you can avoid this fate by using high-quality veneer on all sides of the cabinet and cleaning the cabinet with a damp cloth only. This means that the maintenance of this cabinet can be quite costly, which is a turn-off for a lot of people.

Extra Features

In addition to the open and enclosed shelf, the cabinet features a full-size towel bar as well. With this feature, you won’t have to fold your towel and store it on the shelf as that can take up a lot of space indeed.

This will allow you to place some other essentials on your shelf, such as your bathrobe, cleaning products, scented candles, etc. The two smooth and modish doors beautifully conceal the storage space.

Made in the United States with Foreign and Domestic Parts, the wood cabinet can withstand environmental damage to a great extent. It is also quite easy to assemble, hardly taking 15 minutes to set the cabinet up – thanks to its easy-to-read and understand manual guide.

Buying Advice

The Zenna Home Cottage Collection is known for its valuable storage items, and their flawless Zenna Home Cottage Collection White Wall Cabinet is no different. It is modern, stylish, and has both functional and decorative use.

The best part is that it doesn’t take up any floor space! Keeping these amazing features in mind, purchasing this affordable unit certainly makes sense.

Runner-Up: ChooChoo Bathroom Medicine Cabinet 2-Door Wall Cabinet

ChooChoo Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


The ChooChoo Bathroom medicine Cabinet features a simple design that blends into any kind of interior and decoration. Instead of taking up your floor space, the minimalist cabinet efficiently utilizes the empty wall space.

With two tall interior shelves, you can easily store items of different sizes in the cabinet. This will also save your essential items from getting wet.

Unlike traditional wall cabinets, installing this modern piece on the wall is a breeze. With little or no engineering skills, you can easily assemble the product and install it in just 15 to 20 minutes.

This is easily achievable through the handy manual that comes with it. You won’t have to purchase screws and hardware parts either as these assembling components always come along with the product.

The American company offers a 100% return or refund policy in case of a missing or damaged part. 


One of the drawbacks of this ChooChoo Medicine Cabinet is that it is very basic. The unit lacks uniqueness, so it won’t grab your attention right away and may easily be overlooked in a sea of similar cabinets.

The package may have an unpleasant odor upon unboxing, and the cabinet may also have scuff marks from its finishing.

Extra Features

This simple wall cabinet offers a concealed and compartmentalized storage area in a bathroom. The cabinet is deeper than most medicine cabinets on the market. Plus, it boasts two well-designed doors and two adjustable shelves that provide long-lasting reliability.

Each door features excellent metal hinges with low resistance. This allows the user to smoothly open and close the door.

The cabinet is made from a low-emission MDF board and water-based paint, making it highly robust and durable. The cabinet’s surface is also humid- and water-proof, which is perfect for humid areas.

The structural design is amazing and offers customizable storage space. Plus, it is super easy to clean and maintain the product for a long time.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for a simple medicine cabinet that offers a reliable storage solution, this one is a decent choice. But keep in mind that the cabinet is not that high on aesthetics.

Bathroom Cabinets FAQs

Free Standing Cabinets

What Kind of Bathroom Cabinets Should You Buy for Smaller Bathrooms?

Smaller bathrooms have one major drawback, which is that they have considerably less space.

But that shouldn’t stop you from investing in things (read: bathroom cabinets) that can help you organize your bathroom and make it look immaculate.

When it comes to cabinets for smaller bathrooms, the options can be limited, but worth considering nonetheless. The number one option is to go for stylish frameless cabinets.

They are modern, stylish, and occupy less space than the cabinets with prominent frames.

Having a floor cabinet can make your bathroom look smaller than it may originally be. A better alternative is to opt for a sturdy wall cabinet.

Over-the-door or under-the-sink storage cabinets are great for keeping your essentials within your reach, not tucked away somewhere outside the vicinity of your bathroom.

Make sure whichever cabinet you choose for your small-space storage, it is slim. This will cover up only a small portion of your bathroom.

What Is the Best Material for Bathroom Cabinets?

Wooden Standing Cabinet

Some of the best materials for bathroom cabinets are MDF, solid wood, and plywood.

Most modern cabinets are made from these materials as they are tough, durable, and super reliable.

Cabinets made from these materials are also easy to care and maintain, especially the ones made from soft plywood, hard plywood, MDF, oak or maple wood.

Excessive humidity can prompt the growth of mold and mildew and degrade the quality of your cabinets.

However, you won’t have to face these issues with bathroom cabinets that are made from these excellent materials.

They are moisture and water-proof, and thus, the safest choice for your bathroom furniture.

Why are Bathroom Vanities Lower than Kitchen Cabinets?

The only logical reason behind this is to make the bathroom sink easily accessible to small children.

That being said, many new and modern bathroom vanities are quite tall, meant for families that may have adult members only. 

How Deep Should Bathroom Cabinets Be?

White Two Part Cabinet

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, a bathroom cabinet depth should ideally be 21 inches deep.

However, most bathroom cabinets are usually 17 – 24 inches deep. Bathrooms with small spaces should have narrow depth, measuring less than 18 inches deep.  


Regardless of their size, bathroom cabinets (also called medicine cabinets) are an important feature of any bathroom, as they help keep toiletries, medications, hygiene products, etc. in an organized fashion.

There is no shortage of bathroom cabinets on the market today. You can find hundreds of them in different shapes, colors, sizes, and designs.

However, finding the best of the lot can be slightly difficult. With so many choices on hand, it can be difficult to pick one.

If you ever find yourself in this dilemma, you can turn to this blog post as it features the best bathroom vanities, designed by the high-quality brands that prioritize aesthetics, functionality, and affordability.