7 Best No Clog Toilets

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Are you worried that your toilet may be clogging just a bit too often? Is your toilet over 10 to 15 years old?

We all know that a clogged toilet can be one of the most inconvenient things that you can experience in the bathroom. 

It’s for this reason that we’ve created a list of the best no clog toilet options on the market today. Our top pick is the Toto Drake CST744SL

Best Overall
  • Low consumption (1.6GPF/6.0LPF)
  • Two-piece design with high-profile tank
  • 12" Rough-in, less supply
Swiss Madison SM-1T112
Best Comfort
Swiss Madison SM-1T112
  • Dual Tornado flush with high-performance gravity
  • Elongated & Comfort height bowl
  • Soft Seat to close slowly and quietly.
Best Design
  • Easiest to clean on the market
  • Super quiet and powerful flushing
  • Comfort Height Design
Kohler K-3493-0 Highline
Best Flush
Kohler K-3493-0 Highline
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
  • Pressure Assist flushing system
  • Sitting down and standing up easier for most adults
American Standard White Champion 4
Best Warranty
American Standard White Champion 4
  • Low-consumption (1.6 gpf/6.0 lpf)
  • Everclean surface keeps your toilet cleaner, longer
  • Slow close toilet seat included
TOTO Promenade II
Best Environmental Choice
TOTO Promenade II
  • Modern and classic style
  • 1.28 gallons per flush with Tornado flush system
  • Softclose seat included

7 Best No Clog Toilets Reviewed

Remember, every toilet is going to have its own advantages and disadvantages. The best thing to do before buying your next no clog toilet is to consider what features are most important and whether or not it’s in your budget.

So, who makes the best toilets that don’t clog?

Our Top Pick: Toto CST744SL Drake 2-Piece Toilet

7 Best No Clog Toilets 17 Best No Clog Toilets 2


  • Equipped with the G-Max flushing system for powerful and quick flushing
  • Has an elongated bowl for more comfort
  • It comes with Toto’s solid warranty and is ADA compliant
  • Has a 1.6 GPF that allows for effective water consumption and state compliance


  • Is more on the expensive side
  • Does not include a toilet seat

This Drake toilet model by Toto is one of the best no clog toilets out today. This Toto model has a 1.6 GPF, which is perfect if you live in a state that has a toilet water usage mandate. 

The powerful flushing mechanism on the Drake means that you won’t have to worry about flushing twice, toilet bowl streaks, or other issues related to clogging. 

In addition to this, this toilet also comes equipped with Toto’s G-Max flushing system, which delivers powerful siphoning action and strong suction. The G-Max system is meant for both efficiency and comfort. 

Thee Drake is a high-sitting toilet and is perfect for people with mobility issues or that are taller. It has an elongated bowl which also provides more comfort and ease of use. The water surface of the toilet is 10 3/8 inches by 8 1/4 inches, which is ideal for reducing odor and skid marks. 

The trap diameter on this model is only 21/8 inches wide, but the strength of the G-Max flushing system more than makes up for this. If you’re looking for a toilet that can deliver a strong flush, reduce odor, and minimize clogs, here is one to consider.

Best For Comfort: Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy One-Piece Toilet Dual-Flush

7 Best No Clog Toilets 37 Best No Clog Toilets 4


  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • It’s one-piece design makes for easy installation
  • Has a large flush valve for a faster flush
  • Contains a concealed trapway for a smoother appearance
  • Includes dual flush technology to help to preserve water
  • Has an elongated bowl for additional comfort
  • Has a soft closing toilet seat
  • Uses a maximum of 1.28 GPF


  • Can be challenging to install
  • May be too large for small bathrooms

Here is a no clog toilet that comes with a sleek, smooth contemporary design. This one-piece toilet by Swiss Madison is equipped with a powerful yet quiet flushing system, offering unmatched clog-free performance. 

It’s a 1.28 GPF toilet that also has a dual flush capability, which is ideal if you’re looking to save water and prevent clogs at the same time. The powerful nozzles inside the toilet bowl produce a strong centrifugal force, allowing for a very powerful yet efficient flush. 

You’ll be amazed at how the dual flush system on this toilet can reduce its clog propensity while simultaneously minimizing your water usage. This model has a skirted trapway, adding to its sleek design and making it easier to clean. 

And let’s be honest, who actually enjoys cleaning a toilet? No one. It also includes a large flush valve and easy installation capability. The Ivy model has an elongated bowl, making it super comfortable for larger adults or anyone with mobility issues.

Best Design (and the quietest): WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White 1-Piece, Dual Flush Toilet

7 Best No Clog Toilets 57 Best No Clog Toilets 6


  • Easy to clean and install
  • Has a quiet the powerful flushing system
  • WaterSense certified 
  • Has an elongated toilet seat for more comfort
  • Sleek and smooth toilet design
  • Installed soft-closing lid to prevent slams


  • The seat can make it challenging for small children or shorter household members
  • A few users have complained about the seat bolts detaching easily

Here is another brand that offers a wide range of no clog toilet designs and models. This one-piece toilet is both luxurious and elegant—and it’s sure to minimize the number of clogs that you experience. 

It comes with a fully glazed trapway and a strong siphon-based flushing system. The trapway is skirted, making it easier to clean, and it has an elongated toilet bowl for additional comfort. This toilet is perfect if you have someone in your home who’s elderly or has mobility issues. 

The one-piece design means that you’ll have an easier install and removal process. And, you’ll be happy to know that the toilet’s high-seating design makes it super easy to access the toilet. 

It also has a quiet yet powerful flushing system that makes flushing large amounts of solid waste or toilet paper a breeze. 

This dual flush system uses anywhere from 1 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush, making it highly efficient and practical in homes with multiple users. It comes with a pre-installed soft-closing seat and is UPC and WaterSense-certified. 

Most Powerful Flush: Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Comfort Height Toilet

7 Best No Clog Toilets 77 Best No Clog Toilets 8


  • Equipped with the Flushamate performance to offer powerful “one-and-done” flushing
  • Has a 5-year warranty, which is greater than your typical 1-year toilet warranty
  • Offers a quick and strong flush for both light and large waste loads
  • Features Comfort Height design for easy access
  • The unique design of the flushing system prevents the toilet tank from sweating


  • It does not include a seat
  • Not ideal if you prefer a quiet flushing toilet

The Kohler brand is my personal preference when it comes to both low flow and the best no clog toilets.

This Highline Classic toilet is built for removing large amounts of waste, excessive toilet paper, and anything foreign items that you may accidentally flush down the toilet. 

It has a pressure assist flushing system that may be a bit louder than your normal toilet. However, the quality of the suction of this toilet is undeniable. 

It is a 1.6 GPF toilet, and it also features Kohler’s Flushmate design, which helps boost its flushing power while preserving water. If your home has a lot of users or is prone to a large number of clogs, this toilet can definitely handle the load—sort of speak. 

You’ll be happy to know that, similar to other Kohler toilets, it comes with a 5-year warranty on its mechanical parts. This particular model also features Kohler’s Comfort Height design, making standing up and sitting down on the toilet much easier.

Most Recommended by Plumbers: Toto MS604114CEFG UltraMax II 1-Piece Toilet

7 Best No Clog Toilets 97 Best No Clog Toilets 10


  • It comes with Toto’s standard 1-year warranty
  • Includes a double-cyclone flush for quick and powerful waste removal
  • Has received a thumbs up from many professional plumbers
  • Sleek and attractive toilet design
  • Efficient 1.28 GPF to help save on water bills


  • The height may not be ideal for small children
  • If a clogged does occur, the drain design can make plunging challenging

The UltraMax II by Toto is one of my personal no clog favorites by this brand. And while it may be on the expensive side, it’s definitely an attractive pick if you prefer something luxurious, efficient, and powerful. 

It’s a one-piece toilet with a modern, sleek design and will go perfectly in a master bath or main bathroom. The UltraMax features a double-cyclone flushing system and a dual nozzle design for a faster, stronger, yet efficient flush. 

If you’re looking for a toilet that can clean the bowl quickly and thoroughly, look no further. The one-piece design makes this one-piece unit easy to install and ideal for small and large bathrooms. 

The surface of the toilet is coated in Toto’s proprietary glaze to prevent waste from sticking to the toilet bowl. What does that mean? 

It means you don’t have to worry about embarrassing streaks that you neglected to notice after your flush or using your toilet scrubber every time you “drop off a few friends”. This toilet also comes with a pre-installed seat that’s designed especially for soft-closing and comfort. 

The Ultramax has a 1.28 GPF, making it perfect if you have toilet water usage restrictions or want to save as much money as possible on your water bill.

Best Warranty: American Standard 2034314.020  Champion 4 Right Height Toilet

7 Best No Clog Toilets 117 Best No Clog Toilets 12


  • Has an elongated bowl for a more comfortable rest
  • It’s height can accommodate different body sizes
  • Provides a quiet yet powerful toilet flush
  • Has a proprietary ever clean surface to minimize bacteria and stains
  • Comes with an impressive 10-year limited warranty


  • Is on the higher end in terms of price
  • Many users have complained about the toilet seat being too hard

American Standard has consistently proven itself to be one of the most reliable and quality manufacturers in the marketplace when it comes to quality toilets. Their toilet brands, Kohler and Toto, provide a wide range of low-budget and luxurious to choose from. 

The Champion 4 is more on the expensive side, but it definitely makes up for it regarding no-clog capability and overall flush power. It has an impressive 4-inch flush valve, and its trapway is a whopping 2 3/8 inches wide. And you may be surprised to find that the flush is fairly quiet given this powerful system. 

It’s also super efficient, boasting a 1.6 Gallons Per Flush, which is compatible with most toilet water usage regulations — not to mention that it can save you a few bucks on your water bill. 

It comes equipped with a proprietary Everclean surface, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria and residue sticking to the toilet bowl or around the bottom of the tank—an area that is more splash-prone. 

This one-piece toilet has an elongated bowl and a comfortable height, allowing for easy access.

Most Environmentally-friendly: TOTO Promenade Universal Height Clog-Free Toilet

7 Best No Clog Toilets 137 Best No Clog Toilets 14


  • Economically efficient and environmentally-friendly
  • Certified by WaterSense
  • Has a strong centrifugal tornado flushing system
  • Comes with cefiontect glaze for easy cleaning
  • Has a universal height for easy access


  • It’s expensive
  • The seat height may be too high for small children

And here is another toilet by Toto that has an impressive clog-less flushing system. The Promenade II model comes in a modern but classic one-piece design and has an elongated bowl for additional seating capability. 

The modern design of this toilet works well for many home decor options, and it’s simply one of the best options you can choose for maximum flushing power. 

This model features Toto’s popular Tornado Flush design which includes dual nozzles and a centrifugal flushing mechanism, making for a fast and efficient bowl cleansing. 

With the tornado flush capability, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the toilet as frequently, using too much water per flush, or doing multiple flushes. It simply makes your life just a bit easier. It has an impressive GPF of 1.28 and is ADA and WaterSense certified.

And if you live in California, you’ll be happy to know that it conforms with both Calgreen and CEC requirements. The Promenade comes with a chrome trip lever and a soft close toilet seat, adding to its luxurious aesthetic appeal. 

It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t have to worry about leaks from gaskets or both from this one-piece toilet design. 

This model is finished with a proprietary glaze that prevents bacteria and residue from sticking to the bowl and the tank. So if easy maintenance is important to you, check out this model.

Guide to Buying Toilets That Don’t Clog

When seeking out the best no clog toilets, it helps to know what features to look for. In this guide, I”ll go over some of these features to help you take out some of the guesswork when it comes to finding a toilet that will have minimal clogging issues. 

What to Look for When Buying a No Clog Toilet

Think of a toilet as an investment. And as with any investment, it’s important to know what aspects and features of the investment make it worth it.

This is no different for toilets and below are a few that you should definitely note during your search for the best no clog toilets.

Flushing System

Hands down, the flushing system of a toilet plays the biggest factor in its ability to reduce potential clogs. The two main toilet flushing systems are gravity systems (also known as “siphonic systems“) and pressure-assisted flushing systems. 

Gravity flush systems pretty much use the weight and pressure of water to push the waste out of the bowl and into your sewer line. 

On the other hand, pressure-assisted systems use compressed air to propel the water out of the tank and bowl, which results in a stronger flush. Unsurprisingly, these toilets tend to clog less often than gravity flush systems. 

Flush Valve and Trapway Size

The size of the flush valve and trapway is important as they regulate the amount of liquid and solid waste that can flow out of the toilet to the sewer pipes. Typically, when a toilet’s trapway is larger in diameter, it allows for better flow capability, resulting in a reduced likelihood to clog. 

The same holds for the flush valve size. Flush valves come in a variety of sizes and typically range anywhere from 2 to 4 inches. The faster the water is delivered to the bowl, the less likely the toilet is to clog. This gives 3 and 4-inch flush valves an advantage in reducing clogs.

Water Re-fill Time

Overall, you really want a toilet to remove waste and then re-fill with fresh water as quickly as possible. Toilets that flush and re-fill slowly are more likely to clog from too little pressure when the flushing mechanism is activated. 

And if your toilet takes over 3 minutes to refill this could be the cause of clog issues and an upgrade may be worth considering. Ideally, no clog toilets will refill in about 1.5 to 2 minutes. 


This may not be as crucial as other factors, but the material that composes a toilet can also play a small part in its clogging capability. Yes, today’s most toilets are made of ceramic, a mixture of clay and silica. 

However, toilets with trapways covered in enamel create a sleek and smooth surface, which allows water and waste to seamlessly flow out of them and into your sewer line. The result….increased clog prevention.

Common Causes Of Toilet Clogs

Now, let’s discuss clogs. Why do toilets clog in the first place? And how can they be prevented?

While all clogs can’t be prevented, there are a few factors and scenarios that come into play that increase the likelihood that your toilet will clog.

Low-flow First Generation Toilets

The initial line of low-flow toilets wasn’t necessarily meant to offer a more powerful flush, as they were meant to conserve water. Many of these toilets have since been replaced with new, more powerful toilets that have features conducive to reducing clogs. 

So if you purchased a low-flow toilet anywhere from 1992  (when they hit the market) to about 1996, it may not have the best flushing clog-prevent capability.

Toilet Paper Usage

Excessive toilet paper usage is one of the most common causes of toilet clogs. You can avoid this by reducing the amount of toilet paper you use with each flush or purchasing one-ply toilet paper.

Blocked Toilet Traps

If the trap in the toilet is blocked, it’ll definitely create a clog once the toilet is flushed. The trap is a U-shaped pipe responsible for keeping sewer gases from entering through the toilet as well as moving the content from the toilet bowl out through the sewer line. 

Flushing excessive toilet paper or not flushing often enough can cause the trap to become blocked. 

Flushed Objects

Flushing non-biodegradable objects down your toilet is a surefire way to create a clog. Items such as diapers, hard paper, sanitary or hygiene items, and wet wipes will almost certainly clog your toilet at some point. 

Try to avoid flushing these things if you’re looking to reduce the number of toilet clogs you experience.


So, there you have it, folks, the Toto CST744SL by Drake is our top pick for the best no clog toilet overall.

And remember, in your search to find the ideal clog-free toilet for your bathroom, be sure to pay attention to features such as flushing system times as well as flush valve and trapway sizes. 

The more powerful the flushing system on your toilet, the less likely it’ll be to clog. Hopefully, this list has given you some insight on a few of the best options out there when it comes to no clog toilets. And don’t forget to check out the reviews!

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