Best Bidet Toilet Combos

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Adding a bidet to an existing toilet in your home will bring a spa-like experience to any bathroom.

These seats have also become more affordable and accessible through online retailers and local home improvement stores.

A bidet toilet combo is the best choice if you’re looking for an entirely new unit, however, and the TOTO Aquia IV Washlet+ is the top option for homeowners.

5 Best Bidet Toilet Combos Reviewed

You won’t find a special section or isle for bidet toilet combos, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Our experts have found five suitable systems for consumers with budgets of any size. 

While our top bidet toilet combo is more intelligent than your average commode, we have included something from everyone on our list.

Best Overall

1. TOTO Aquia IV Washlet+ Dual Flush Toilet

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  • The overall design
  • 0.8 or 1.0 gallons per flush
  • Heated seat
  • Five spray settings
  • Self-cleaning with Electrolyzed water


  • Nothing significant

Elongated bowls and skirted designs are more common when you’re in the market for a bidet toilet combo.

TOTO designed the Aquia IV WASHLET+ with that in mind. It has a clean, modern style, and we think you’ll be impressed by the bidet features as well.

The commode has a two-piece design but remains easy to clean. It’s nearly seamless with a chrome top-mounted flush button.

This model is highly efficient at 1.0 or 0.8 gallons per flush and “chair height” at 16.6 inches from the floor without the bidet seat attached.

As for that seat, there are two options to choose from with the WASHLET+ S500e or S550e. Both have a full range of features, including an air deodorizer, warm air dryer, and a wand with multiple spray modes.

These systems provide warm water on-demand, but the S550e comes with a nightlight and a seat that automatically opens and closes.

This two-piece bidet is the best option for homeowners interested in a streamlined commode with flagship features. The design allows cords and hoses to remain hidden while the CEFIONTECT glaze keeps the bowl clean. 

The TOTO Aquia IV WASHLET+ is in the premium class but provides a lot of bang for your buck.

Top Runner-Up

2. Trone Aquatina II Electronic Bidet Toilet           

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  • Front and rear wash
  • Highly adjustable
  • ToeTouch sensor
  • Tankless design
  • On-demand water heater


  • Front and rear wash
  • Highly adjustable
  • ToeTouch sensor
  • Tankless design
  • On-demand water heater

We’ve often talked about how toilets come in all shapes and sizes, including heavy-duty commodes and designer fixtures.

The Trone Aquatina II stands apart for homeowners looking for something unique and automated for the bathroom in their homes.

A one-piece design keeps maintenance to a minimum on this bidet toilet. It’s tankless with a flush rating of 1.6 GPF and standard height. It also has a unique way of automating trips to the bathroom.

The system can automatically raise the seat, water, and dryer temperature and comes with a ToeTouch sensor.

You can trigger this commode with your foot or the included remote control. Water temperature and pressure are adjustable, and the bowl rinses itself before each use.

The self-cleaning bidet wand is a nice touch as well, along with the night light and heated seat.

The Aquatina II is comparable to the KOHLER Karing in style but considerably cheaper than that model or TOTOs washlet. It has a similar array of features, and homeowners love the ways this automatic features this toilet provides.

Best From TOTO

3. TOTO Drake WASHLET+ Toilet with Bidet

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  • Automatic flushing
  • Deodorizer & Night light
  • Multiple spray settings
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Automated lid


  • Pricey for a two-piece toilet

As a leader in bidet toilet combos, TOTO knows how to put together an enticing package. The Drake WASHLET+ has plenty in common with the Aquia IV, although some key differences set these commodes apart.

While you’ll find a chrome trip lever on the side of the tank, you won’t need it. This toilet automatically flushes when you’re through, and the lid will open or close by itself.

It’s a hands-free toilet and one packed full of features, including a heated seat, air deodorizer, and night light

The bidet functions provide warm water cleansing across several zones, and it’s sanitary thanks to the company’s EWATER+ system.

You’ll get a powerful flush with DynaMax tech as well. The flush rating on this configuration is 1.6 GPF or 0.8 gallons per flush, although a more efficient model is also available. 

There’s a lot to love about TOTO’s Drake WASHLET+, from the automatic flushing system to the pulsating spray of warm water.

There are also a variety of options depending on your needs and budget. Homeowners found the Drake simple to install – just keep clearance in mind with the elongated bowl.

Best Budget

4. OVE Decors Felix Toilet with Integrated Bidet

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  • Automatic flushing
  • Warm air dryer
  • Heated toilet seat
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Night light


  • Quality control

With a design similar to the TOTO Aquia IV, this Felix from OVE is an interesting alternative to premium bidet toilet combos.

It has a traditional style but with features typically only found on high-end bidets from more prominent brands.

The intelligent seat on this toilet is adjustable in a variety of ways. You can set the water pressure and temperature along with the warm air dryer.

The heated seat also provides several levels of control. While you will have to close this bidet toilet seat manually, this toilet will flush itself when you stand up.

This bidet has plenty of features, although the toilet would be an excellent choice even without the toilet seat. That’s due in part to a large 3-inch flush valve and concealed trapway.

The dual flush system is hygienic yet efficient, with a rating of 1.28 GPF for solid waste and 1.06 GPF for liquids.

If you’re interested in a toilet bidet combo that’s smart but still affordable, the Felix should be on your shopping list. It’s not as well-built as a commode from KOHLER, although it has an excellent array of features for the price.

Best Smart Bidet Toilet

5. KOHLER Karing One-Piece Toilet and Bidet

Best Bidet Toilet Combos 9Best Bidet Toilet Combos 10


  • Automatic flushing and seat
  • Deodorization system
  • Personalized settings
  • Touchscreen remote control
  • Tankless design


  • It’s expensive

We’ve seen an influx of smart toilets in recent years as homeowners look for a hand-free approach in the bathroom.

Several models on our list fit that bill but pale compared to the KOHLER Karing when it comes to intelligent design.

The Karing may not look like a toilet, but rest assured it packs a punch. This tankless system has an elongated bowl and is comfort height with the included toilet seat.

That seat is smart, so it can automatically open or close while the bowl purges any waste automatically.

Automation is the theme of the KOHLER Karing, considering both the bidet wand and bowl clean themselves.

A touchscreen remote control allows you to personalize this toilet whether you want to set the heat for the set, dryer, or water temperature. 

This is the best hands-free toilet if you want something more intelligent than your typical bidet.

The tankless design conserves space, and homeowners loved the array of features. It’s not quite as efficient as other bidet toilets but still meets WaterSense standards at 1.28 gallons per flush.

smart toilet

How To Find the Best Bidet Toilet Combo

You have to take a different approach when shopping for a bidet toilet combo compared to a traditional toilet. The selection of pre-packaged units is relatively sparse, and most bidets share a similar set of features.

That means you should focus more on things like water temperature and cleaning modes instead of gallons per flush or price.

What Is a Bidet Toilet Combo?

The phrase bidet toilet can actually mean several things depending on the manufacturer. In some cases, it’s a toilet with an integrated bidet. It could also refer to a smart commode, however, which has bidet toilet combo features or even systems sold as a set.

The difference between these styles is more important than you may think.

Smart toilets are expensive and challenging to work on if something goes awry. You can run into the same problems with integrated bidets, whereas a toilet bidet combo simplifies things.

Commodes sold as a package or set include a toilet with a separate bidet toilet seat. While it’s something you could purchase yourself separately, they are typically priced at a nice discount when sold together.

Hygienic Features

Heated seats and warm water are two reasons people appreciate an integrated bidet toilet combo, but far from the only ones. Hygiene is a leading factor for people purchasing a bidet for their home, and these features fall into two categories. 

There are features designed to clean and tidy your behind, along with ones that keep the toilet clean.

Wash zones tell you what kind of coverage you’ll receive from a bidet. Most have a wand that covers the front and rear areas of a person’s genitals, but some offer a wider range overall. These are ideal for feminine wash zones. Pulsating and oscillating modes are common as well.

Self-cleaning bidet seats are also incredibly popular. They can pre-rinse the bowl before each use and clean up the wand or inside of the toilet when. 

You can even find electrolyzed water and UV treatment on some high-end bidet toilets.

Automated Bidet Features

Have you ever wanted a hands-free toilet that allows you to go to the bathroom without ever touching a handle or lid? That’s possible with the best bidet combo as long as you know what to look for.

Automated features for bidets include night lights, self-cleansing wands, and warm air dryers. You can usually trigger these features manually with a remote control, but some toilets provide a truly hands-free experience.

Bidets with an automatic lid are popular. That feature can raise the price considerably, while an automated flushing mechanism is more common. They also work in two different ways.

The best auto-flush toilets will have a sensor that flushes the commode when you leave that cozy heated seat. Others have a foot trigger or wall-mounted sensor that works with motion. 

Regardless of the method, make sure the toilet is easy to flush in case of a power outage.

Design & Replacement Parts

Design is important when choosing a new bidet, whether you’re looking for something unique or just prefer a black commode over bone or a traditional white toilet.

We can’t help you settle on a style or color, but you do have to keep the toilet’s design in mind when considering replacement parts.

If you need a new flush valve for your toilet, there are plenty of options for any model you can imagine. When you need to replace a bidet wand, dryer, or the entire seat, you may run into issues depending on the toilet bowl style.

The WASHLET+ series from TOTO is popular but designed to hide cords for a sleek look. An aftermarket replacement may not work with that commode, although authentic replacement parts will be easy to find.

Large brands like KOHLER, TOTO, and American Standard are the best choice if you are concerned about finding replacement parts for your bidet or toilet. 

These companies also provide better customer support – something important with a high-tech electronic bidet.

Bidet Toilet Installation

Installing a floor-mounted toilet is different from mounting a urinal on the wall. It’s easier and something we feel most homeowners can handle with a bit of help. 

Whether you prefer a seamless one-piece toilet or an affordable two-piece design, adding an electronic bidet will complicate things.

Before thinking about the bidet, consider the design of the toilet itself. Make sure there’s enough clearance near vanities and walls in a bathroom.

Bidet toilets can take up more space, especially with an elongated bowl. The location of the power outlet in the bathroom can also cause problems if the seat has a short cord.

Nobody wants to trip over a cord or have an unsightly installation on an expensive toilet.

Tankless toilets can even cause plumbers headaches with their unique designs, and the same goes for supply lines that work with the bidet itself.

We highly advise homeowners to take a look at the installation guide and warranty before purchasing a bidet toilet combo. While you can install a bidet seat in a matter of minutes, a combo unit could prove challenging.

Our Verdict

While it was a close race, the TOTO Aquia IV Washlet+ Dual Flush Toilet is the best choice of toilet with built-in bidet for most homeowners.

You’re getting a high-quality bidet toilet combo designed specifically for a bidet seat and excellent support as well.

Whether the best bidet toilet combo is fully automated or designed for cleansing, remember to keep measurements in mind along with the warranty for any electronic parts.  


What kind of warranty can you expect from a bidet toilet combo?

We found that most bidet seats carry an average warranty from 1-3 years. The toilet bowl and tank will have a separate guarantee.

What’s the weight limit for a bidet?

That varies by manufacturer, but a bidet toilet seat can generally support around 300 pounds.

Do you need special toilet paper for a bidet?

No, and you may not need toilet paper at all if the bidet has a built-in warm air dryer. Toilet paper usage comes down to a personal preference in most cases with bidet usage.

Are bidet toilets hard to clean or maintain?

Taking care of a toilet with a bidet seat does require a little more work. They are hygienic but still should be cleaned with regularity according to the user manual. Bidet wands and other parts can transfer germs if not properly maintained. 

Should I pay to have an integrated bidet toilet combo installed?

That all depends on how comfortable you are dealing with light-duty plumbing. Given the price and precision of some bidets, you may want to consider a professional with some installations. 

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