8 Of The Most Simple Ways To Clean Your Toilet Tank

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Cleaning your toilet tank can feel like a thankless task and one that everyone likes to put off for as long as they can! 

It is important to find a DIY cleaner that removes any stains in your toilet tank without posing a hazard.

8 Of The Most Simple Ways To Clean Your Toilet Tank

Many commercial cleaning products contain harsh chemicals such as bleach, which are often unsafe for use in septic tanks. These products also pose a danger to small children. 

For this reason, it is essential to know how you can clean a toilet tank using safe and natural products. When it comes to safety, you must use natural cleaning solutions where you can. 

In this article, we will explore the 8 easiest ways to clean your toilet tank.

We will explore the different ways that you can remove the mineral deposits that are left from hard water, which can cause a build-up in the overflow tube, the toilet tank, and other areas of the toilet. 

Cleaning Your Toilet Tank

If you follow our tips below, you will be able to make sure that your bathroom gleams. You can protect your septic system and ensure that your guests comment on the beauty of your bathroom!

1. Try The Toilet Brush

When you are tackling mineral deposits or small rust stains, you might want to start small.

Grab the underestimated toilet brush, and give it a go! If the stains are fresh and seem like they will be fairly easy to remove, the toilet brush works very well on the tank.

To clean the toilet tank using a toilet brush, you will just need a pair of rubber gloves, a bucket of warm water, and a trusty toilet brush. 

To begin this cleaning process, start by draining the toilet tank. Ensure that you always keep the toilet brush wet, with a bucket of warm water. 

You should then scrub all of the areas inside the toilet tank with the brush. Once the dirt has been loosened, you should rinse the area using water. Repeat this process until all of the stains are gone. 

You can’t go wrong with a toilet brush. It has a long handle so that you can reach some of the areas of a toilet tank that are difficult to clean. 

2. Use Pumice 

Pumice is a cleaning solution that can only be used on vitreous china. You should not use this cleaning solution on toilet tanks that are made from other materials as it can damage them.

When cleaning with pumice, you will need to drain the tank and have a bucket of warm water nearby for rinsing purposes. 

When cleaning, apply some pressure and scrub the tank, washing the area down with warm water now and again. 

You will need to test the pumice stone on the tank before you clean it. Ensure that you test this on an inconspicuous area, and if you see any scratches, stop and use a different cleaning product.

3. Use Hydrogen Peroxide 

Hydrogen peroxide is a very effective way to clean your toilet tank. It is great for use in many different ways around the home, and cleaning the toilet bowl is no exception! 

When you clean the toilet bowl, you will need to drain the tank and allow it to dry. Next, use a toilet brush to apply the peroxide to the areas where it is needed.

Leave it on the stains for around 30 minutes, and then scrub at the stains with a toilet brush. 

After you have finished, you will need to rinse off the area using warm water. 

If the stains are still there, you can always repeat this process to see if it helps. This process will also kill off any germs in the process, leaving the toilet bowl gleaming! 

4. Use Vinegar 

Vinegar is a great natural cleaner to use on your toilet bowl. Vinegar contains a mild acid that will work away at mold, rust, and hard water deposits. Vinegar makes a superior bathroom cleaner in many ways. 

To clean the tank using vinegar, you will want to drain the tank and leave it to dry. Then, fill the tank with vinegar, until it reaches the overflow tube. You should then leave the vinegar in the tank for at least 12 hours. 

After you have done this, you will need to drain the vinegar. Scrub the tank with a toilet brush, and then rinse the tank with warm water to get rid of the debris.

5. Use Liquid Detergent 

Dish soap may not sound like it will be sufficient in cleaning a toilet bowl, but this is where you are very wrong!

You can use liquid dish soap to clean dishes, clothes, and lots more. It also makes a perfect non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner.

You should not drain the tank for this method, instead, just mix the detergent in with the water. After you have done this, scrub the toilet tank with a toilet brush to remove any dirt. 

Leave the detergent in the bowl for three hours, or leave it overnight if you can. 

When the deposits are loose, you should flush the water away, and scrub the remaining stains. 

8 Of The Most Simple Ways To Clean Your Toilet Tank

6. Use Vinegar With Baking Soda 

If you have tried some of the options above, but you still can’t get the stains off your tank, you will want to step it up a notch! Baking soda or bicarbonate of soda will react with vinegar, and this will result in a stronger cleaning product. 

To clean your toilet tank with vinegar and baking soda, you will need to place the white vinegar in a spray bottle, spraying it on the areas of the toilet tank that need cleaning. 

When you have done this, you will need to allow this to soak for a few minutes, before adding baking soda to these areas. 

After you have done this, you can use a toilet brush to scrub the stains. You can always repeat this process if needed. 

7. Use Borax, Vinegar, and Essential Oils 

If you have tried cleaning a toilet tank with vinegar and baking soda, and this doesn’t remove the stains, you can choose to use Borax instead of baking soda.

This recipe produces a very powerful cleaner that will eliminate any stains that the other methods may not have been able to eliminate. 

Simply mix all three ingredients in a spray bottle and apply the mixture to the toilet tank. Allow this mixture to sit for up to four hours, and then scrub the inside of the tank with a toilet brush. You can then rinse this area with warm water. 

8. Use Tank Tablets 

You can clean the inside of your toilet tank using tank tablets. You can purchase these from the store, or you can make your own using baking soda, citric acid, dish soap, and essential oil.

To make these tank tablets, you should mix the baking soda and citric acid in a container. Stir in the dish soap, and you should be left with a product that clumps in your hand when you squeeze it. 

You can then place some of the mixture in a mold, or an ice cube tray, and produce some tablets. These tablets will take a few days to dry out, and then they can be dropped in the tank water. 

After this, allow the product to dissolve in the water. If any stains remain on the tank, you should scrub them using a toilet brush.

How Often Should You Clean Your Toilet Tank?

How often you clean your toilet tank will depend on the water type. If you live in an area with soft water, you won’t need to clean the tank as often as those who live in areas with hard water. 

If you have hard water, you will need to do regular checks to ensure that there is no buildup in the tank. 

If you clean the tank regularly, you can use some of the milder cleaning products to prevent any buildup from forming. 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! After reading this article, you should now have all the information you need when it comes to cleaning your toilet tank with ease. 

Cleaning your toilet is not exactly the most glamorous job out there, and it can be quite hard work. But with some of these easy methods, you’ll have a clean toilet tank in a matter of minutes! 

These methods are all-natural, leaving you with the peace of mind that you are using safe methods to clean your toilet.

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