6 Best Quiet Flush Toilets

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Modern toilets are designed for efficiency, convenience, and comfort. Toilet manufacturers also keep sound levels in mind, considering some toilets have a much louder flush than others.

When you want the best quiet flush toilet, consider the American Standard H2Option Dual-Flush Toilet.

It brings the perfect combination of price and performance to bathrooms and is one of the quieter dual-flush commodes in its class.

It’s a versatile toilet but not the only option available. If you need a system that won’t wake people up in the middle of the night, you’ll appreciate our round-up of the best quiet flush toilets on the market today.

Best Quiet Flush Toilets – Our Picks

6 Best Quiet Flush Toilets Reviewed

Quiet flush toilets are among the more challenging types of commodes to find. Like handicap commodes and other unique fixtures, they don’t exactly have a special category in local shops or with online retailers.

After careful consideration, our team found 6 of the quietest toilets around, with a style and price point suitable for every home.

Best Overall

1. American Standard H2Option Dual-Flush Toilet

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  • 0.92 or 1.28 GPF
  • Excellent price point
  • WaterSense certified
  • Choice of bowl style & height


  • No seat included

We love a toilet that provides homeowners with options, given that everyone feels differently about height, bowl shape, and color.

The H2Option dual-flush commode from American Standard allows consumers to choose any of these features, but it’s also one of the best quiet flush toilets.

The H2Options is a traditional siphon jet toilet in the UHET class.

It has a dual-flush mechanism inside the tank, limiting water to only 0.92 gallons per flush for liquid waste and 1.28 on a full flush for solid waste. It has a 2-inch flush valve to help keep things quieter, but it can still quickly clear a bowl.

Everclean surface glazing ensures the bowl stays streak-free alongside the company’s Powerwash rim system. 

It’s a two-piece toilet with a standard design aside from the top-mounted flush actuator. For smaller bathrooms, there’s the round front model.

An elongated bowl is also available, and you can choose from chair or standard height, depending on your needs.

American Standard is no stranger to producing popular commodes, and the H2Option is one of their highest-rated models.

It doesn’t have the flushing power of the Champion line but is more efficient and considerably cheaper. This ultra-high efficiency toilet comes in White, Biscuit, or Linen.


2. American Standard Colony Right Height Toilet

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  • Modern style
  • 1.28 GPF
  • Right height at 16.5 inches tall
  • 3-inch flush valve


  • The seat could be better

Our second option from American Standard has a similar price as our top choice but a completely different design.

The Colony is a modern one-piece toilet that’s ADA compliant out of the box and easy to maintain.

American Standard went with a low-profile design for the Colony. It has a shorter tank and a modern style that will look fantastic in any bathroom.

It doesn’t have a skirted trapway, but the one-piece design is easy to maintain and keeps curves to a minimum. It also makes this toilet easy to install.

The Colony is a Right Height toilet, with a height of 16.5 inches from floor to bowl without a seat. Flushing power comes from a 3-inch valve, which has power while only using 1.28 gallons per flush. 

Consumers found the elongated bowl comfortable and felt the Colony was quiet even with the larger valve and extra flushing power.

The American Standard Colony is an excellent choice for homeowners interested in a single flush toilet with a modern design.

The shorter tank is ideal if you have shelves or other fixtures in the area. This quiet flush toilet comes with a slow-closing toilet seat and lid, although some thought it felt a bit flimsy compared to higher-quality seats.


3. TOTO Neorest 700H Intelligent Toilet

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  • 1-GPF
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Automated Heated seat
  • Warm-air dryer
  • Remote control
  • Auto-flushing


  • The price tag

Smart commodes are designed for efficiency and creature comforts like bidet systems and heated seats. The TOTO Neorest has more features than some of the best smart toilets and one of the quietest flushes on our list.

Some of the best bidet systems only come with a handful of features, but that isn’t an issue with the Neorest. This toilet can clean itself and the bidet wand with electrolyzed water while also keeping private areas clean.

The Neorest can provide a pulsating cleansing stream or one that oscillates aerated water at your posterior on this silent flush toilet.

You can adjust the temperature of the water or the pressure. The heated seat also provides several levels of control, and you’ll never need to lift that seat or lid.

TOTO automated the seat on the Neorest 700H so that it opens and closes softly. It has an automatic flushing feature to keep things hands-free and a nightlight to guide your way in the dark. 

Throw in an adjustable warm air-dryer and deodorizer, and you’ve got a high-tech toilet that’s tough to beat.

There’s no weak point on this toilet when it comes to features, and it certainly has plenty of style. It’s also efficient at 1.0 gallons per flush. The toilet is borderline comfort height with the ergonomic seat, and consumers found it both comfortable and intuitive to use. The obvious drawback is the price tag if your budget is tight.

4. Fine Fixtures High-Efficiency Elongated Toilet

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  • Dual-flush system
  • Fully-skirted trapway
  • Standard height
  • Compact design


  • The seat feels cheap

We’ve seen more homeowners turn towards compact toilets in recent years and manufacturers answer with a variety of space-saving designs.

This dual-flush toilet from Fine Fixtures is the best quiet toilet for tight spaces and one of the most affordable.

This compact commode has a fully skirted trapway and a slim, modern design. It’s only 26.5 inches tall to the top of the streamlined tank but has an elongated bowl. 

Without the seat attached, the toilet is standard height at 15.5 inches, although the soft-close seat adds a measure of additional height.

You won’t find a high-end flush valve inside this commode, but it has a dual-flush system with a chromed trip lever on top of the tank.

The toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water for solid waste, while a half or partial flush is efficient at 1.0 gallons per flush for liquid waste. The bowl and 2-inch trapway are fully glazed as well.

You won’t find the same attention to detail with this quiet toilet from Fine Fixtures as you would from larger brands like American Standard or KOHLER.

Homeowners have had no complaints when it comes to the build quality and thought it provided an excellent value for the price.

The Fine Fixtures MOTB7W is available with or without a universal rubber seal from Fluidmaster.

5. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Concord Toilet

6 Best Quiet Flush Toilets 96 Best Quiet Flush Toilets 10


  • Highly efficient
  • Dual-flush
  • D-shaped bowl
  • Full-skirted trapway


  • Not the most powerful flusher

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever has a memorable moniker, even if they don’t have the name recognition of more prominent brands.

They are one of the top brands to look towards when you need an affordable one, which the Concorde provides along with a quiet flush.

From a distance, the Concorde bears a striking resemblance to the compact toilet from Fine Fixtures. Both are shorter with one-piece designs and dual-flush systems, but that’s where the similarities end. 

This toilet is more efficient and has a D-shaped bowl, a nice cross between traditional round bowls and an elongated bowl.

The top-mounted flush lever uses 0.8 GPF for a partial flush or 1.28 GPF at full power. It’s one of the more efficient systems on our list and an easy toilet to maintain. The fully-skirted trapway and one-piece design help in that regard, along with the quick-release seat.

This quiet flush toilet has a design that will work with any type of décor, and consumers love the fact it’s easy to maintain.

As it’s engineered for efficiency, it doesn’t have as much power as larger commodes but will certainly get the job done. This standard height toilet comes with a soft-closing seat to help keep the noise down.

6. KOHLER Memoirs Comfort Height Toilet

6 Best Quiet Flush Toilets 116 Best Quiet Flush Toilets 12


  • 1.28 GPF
  • Traditional design
  • Powerful flush
  • Comfort height


  • No seat included

Besides being quiet, most of the options on our list of quiet flush toilets share a similar sense of style.

Not everyone is interested in a modern toilet, which is where commodes like the KOHLER Memoirs toilet come into play.

Traditional is the first word to come to mind with the Memoirs. This two-piece toilet has a tank lid and base that match with other bathroom accessories and fixtures from the company’s collection. 

While a full-sized commode, the round front bowl won’t take up as much space in a bathroom and provides plenty of stability.

The KOHLER Memoirs has a siphon flush system with a rating of 1.28 gallons per flush but sports a larger 3.25-inch canister flush valve. 

It’s a little louder than comparable toilets but not noisy enough to notice. It has a standard two-piece design and is comfort height at 16.5 inches from the top of the bowl to the floor.

This well-received toilet is classy and durable. Thanks to the canister valve, the Memoirs has no trouble clearing waste or toilet paper from the bowl but still falls under the WaterSense guidelines at 1.28 gallons per flush.

This quiet flush toilet doesn’t come with a toilet seat, however, which does increase the overall price.

pressing toilet flush handle

How To Find the Best Quiet Flush Toilet for Your Home

How do you find the best quiet toilet when manufacturers don’t list them that way? That’s a question that puzzles many homeowners, but we have an answer.

While you’ll have difficulty finding decibel ratings for toilets, you can pay attention to the type of flush system used. That impacts noise levels along with several other areas we will touch on in this guide.

What Makes a Toilet Loud?

To find the best quiet flush toilet, you need to understand what makes them noisy in the first place. 

The toilet design does play a part in noise levels, but so do the components inside the tank, the seat, and the water supply line.

The noisiest component on a quiet flush toilet is the flushing mechanism itself. This controls how much water goes into the bowl and refills the tank with clean water for the next flush. 

The process itself is simple but can be loud enough to disturb people during the night on some models.

Quiet toilets should have a flushing system that keeps noise to a minimum, but they also need a seat that closes softly and doesn’t slam.

Whether it’s a two-piece toilet or tankless, water going into the toilet tank comes from the supply line. This also causes noise, even if it’s only for a short period of time. 

Flushing Systems

There are many types of flushing mechanisms on toilets, including canister valves, flappers with chains, and tanks that boost each flush with pressurized air. As you would expect, some of these are considerably louder than others.

Siphonic toilets are considered the quietest flush system and are something most consumers are familiar with. 

These gravity flush toilets have a siphon jet to help clean a bowl along with some help from the flush system inside the toilet tank.

Pressure-assisted toilets are on the other end of the spectrum. This type of flushing system has a small pressurized tank inside the toilet tank that boosts the flushing power.

Any type of pressure-assisted flushing system is much louder than a gravity flush toilet with a simple, siphonic bowl.

Washdown toilets are similar to siphonic models but rely on gravity more than a toilet with a siphon jet. 

Noise levels between these two styles are minimal, as it largely depends on the parts inside the tank.

A high-quality flushing system has less chance of failure but is usually quieter than cheaper models. Unique technologies often used to help clear the bowl can also affect the noise level.

The Toilet Seat

If you’ve ever accidentally slammed a toilet seat, you know exactly how loud that can be. It’s more likely to wake someone up or make the family pet howl than a toilet that flushes loudly. 

The seat is also something that often gets overlooked when looking for the best quiet flush commode.

Seats are designed to accommodate round, elongated, and D-shaped toilets. You can even find non-electric bidet seats for traditional commodes, but not all of these toilet seats are quiet. 

That largely depends on the hinge system.

While manufacturers refer to these quiet seats as “soft-closing,” it’s actually the hinges that do all the work. A toilet with a slow or soft-closing seat may increase the overall price, although they are commonly included with many new toilets.

With that in mind, don’t let the seat become a deciding factor on a quiet flush toilet. 

Unless it’s an automated seat, you can swap it out for one with silent hinges that may be more comfortable than the one included with the new commode.

Toilet Bowl Shape

The shape of a toilet bowl says a lot about how comfortable it will be. That varies by individual, making things tricky if you want to transition from a round bowl to an elongated toilet bowl.

While there are models that have D-shaped toilet bowls, elongated and round are the most popular styles. 

Round toilets were the only type found in residential settings for decades and are still used today – they just aren’t the only option anymore.

An elongated toilet bowl is 1.5 to 2 inches longer than a round one. The extra length allows people more room to wipe, and they are found to be more comfortable for many average-sized adults. 

If you have a larger frame or need a toilet for someone that’s overweight, an elongated toilet is the best choice.

Toilets with a round bowl are cheaper and take up less space in bathrooms. This is important for smaller areas where space is hard to come by.

They also provide more stability for people with smaller frames and children who might be uncomfortable using a larger seat.

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Toilet Bowl Style

Style, like toilet bowl shape, is largely a personal preference. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there are actually several styles of toilets to consider, from one-piece and two-piece commodes to tankless designs and smart toilets.

One-piece Toilets

One-piece toilets aren’t new but have become popular with homeowners interested in a toilet that’s easy to maintain.

There’s no gap between the tank and bowl, and most have a modern design. They are more expensive than two-piece commodes, however.

Two-piece Toilets

A two-piece toilet has a traditional style toilet with two pieces – the toilet tank and bowl.

These commodes are more affordable than other styles but a two-piece toilet is harder to clean unless they have a fully-concealed trapway.

Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall-mounted toilets provide more floor space in bathrooms and allow homeowners to set a height.

The tanks on these systems are behind the wall, which does cut down on noise, but significantly increases the price.

Smart Toilets

Want a toilet that can flush itself or has bidet features? You’ll find those on smart toilets with features like heated seats, warm air dryers, and automated seats. These commodes are priced at a premium because of the high-tech features and designs.

Tankless Toilets

Most smart toilets are tankless, but one-piece designs with the tank on the bottom can also be found.

These systems are unique in the way they flush and use water, and while efficient, they don’t have the strongest flush.

flushing water in toilet

Flush Ratings

Flush ratings are among the more important specifications to look for when shopping for a new commode. This tells you how much water the toilet uses with every flush.

Flush ratings in the United States range from 0.8 GPF to 1.6 GPF regardless of the type of toilet, its height, style, or flushing mechanism. 

These standards were introduced to cut back on water usage as manufacturers designed more efficient commodes.

If you live in a state like California, where water registrations are critical, pay close attention to the flush ratings. In most areas of the country, the maximum is 1.6 gallons per flush, but it goes much lower in some locations.

The amount of water a toilet uses can impact the water bill but also helps clear toilet paper and solid waste from a bowl.

It can affect how much water is in the bowl, so a toilet with a 1.2 GPF rating isn’t necessarily the best option for homes with heavy flushers.

The Bottom Line

Whether you have a bathroom close to a bedroom or pets that don’t like the sound of a loud toilet, the American Standard H2Option Dual-Flush Toilet should be at the top of your shopping list.

It’s the best quiet toilet with dual-flush capabilities that isn’t intelligent – although that’s an option as well.

If you’re not concerned about sound and want a toilet with top-tier flushing power, consider something from our list of the best pressure-assisted commodes.


Are Quiet Flush Toilets Easy to Repair?

Quiet flush toilets are just as easy to fix as other types of toilets on the market. Vitreous china material is durable, so what usually needs replacing are things like the flush button, floor bolts, and flush valves.’

Can You Replace the Flushing System in a Toilet With a Quieter One?

Yes, but you need to make sure it’s compatible with the toilet model. A dual flushing system is just as simple to replace as a single flush toilet. 

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