10 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed

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A toilet will last for decades, but the toilet seat gets replaced several times over the lifetime of a commode.

The number of replacement toilet seats is staggering, which can cause consumers grief when it’s time to look for a new seat and lid.

Homeowners that simply need a solid replacement for their commode can’t go wrong with the KOHLER Brevia Toilet Seat.

It provides the perfect balance of style and comfort with an attractive price point. Whether you want something simple, stylish, or a high-tech toilet seat, we have an option for you.

Best Toilet Seats – Our Picks

10 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed

Considering there are hundreds of toilet seats available, it’s safe to say there is a model for everyone. That makes narrowing down the top choices challenging, especially when everyone has a different definition of comfort or style.

With that in mind, we feel these 10 toilet seats represent the best across several areas, whether you’re looking for a seat with bidet features or one that can hold over 1,000 pounds.

Best Overall

1. KOHLER Brevia Toilet Seat

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  • Round or elongated
  • Modern style
  • Multiple colors
  • Quick-release & attach


  • Not a quiet-close seat

Toilet seats come in various colors and sizes, but it’s challenging to find one that meets all the right criteria.

KOHLER managed to do that with the Brevia, and it’s the best toilet seat whether you have a round or elongated commode.

Whereas some seats are cushiony or have unique features, the KOHLER Brevia is a traditional toilet seat. That means it will work with any style of commode, whether modern or traditional, and the seat is slightly contoured for additional comfort.

The KOHLER Brevia uses the company’s Quick-Release and Attach system as well.

Homeowners can remove the toilet seat in seconds when it’s time for a cleaning. The hinge system is a bonus in that regard, even if it doesn’t help this seat close quietly.

KOHLER designed the Brevia for compatibility with round or elongated toilets, but that isn’t the only option to choose from. This closed front seat is available in Biscuit and Almond along with the traditional White.

It is the best overall option when you need a replacement seat, although not one that closes quietly.


2. BEMIS 7300SLEC Toilet Seat

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  • The build quality
  • Universal style
  • Three colors
  • Slow-close hinges


  • The price

Bemis may not produce toilets or have the largest line of accessories compared to other companies, but they specialize in bathroom products like seats.

They are the leader when you need an off-brand replacement, and the 7300SLEC is our top choice from the company.

This toilet seat doesn’t necessarily stand out from a design standpoint as it could be mistaken for the Brevia from a distance. The build quality is top-tier, however.

It comes with non-corrosive toilet seat bolts, and the seat is solid plastic with molded-in color.

Chips and stains will be a thing of the past with this toilet seat. It won’t wake anyone up, thanks to hinges that keep things quiet when the seat and lid close. It’s well-built and available in an elongated toilet seat or with a round design.

The Bemis 7300SLEC is an excellent choice for homeowners interested in a durable seat. You can choose from White, Linen, or Bone in elongated or round styles, and while it’s not the cheapest, it will outlast other seats by years.

Best Wooden

3. Comfort Seats Designer Wood Toilet Seat

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  • Made from solid Oak
  • Durability
  • Unique style
  • Premium hardware


  • No slow-close hinges

A wooden toilet seat is ideal for homeowners looking for something different and durable. They provide a nice change of pace from traditional seats, and none do it better than this solid wooden model from Comfort Seats.

This toilet seat is made from premium-grade Oak, not compressed lumber. The light finish shows off the grain in these seats while providing protection.

The Piano finish is sealed with 1mil of high-gloss polyurethane. Because of the unique construction, no two toilet seats from this line are identical.

The wooden nature of this seat does add a considerable amount of weight at around 6 pounds. It retains a relatively low-profile and has factory-installed brushed nickel hinges.

The sturdy stainless steel hinge screws are just as immune to corrosion as the PVD-plated hinges.

A wooden seat adds a distinct style, and this beauty will bring warmth and class to any bathroom. It doesn’t have slow-closing hinges because of the weight but will far exceed the included 1-year guarantee.

4. Brondell LumaWarm Toilet Seat

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  • Three heat settings
  • Nightlight
  • 2.8 inches tall
  • Slow-closing hinges


  • GFI outlet required

Most homeowners that need a replacement toilet seat opt for something simple but comfortable. If you live in a colder region or just hate the feeling of cold plastic seats on your bottom in the morning, the Brondell LumaWarm heated toilet seat should be high on your list.

This toilet seat doesn’t look that different from other models, but it has some interesting tech inside. There are three levels of heat depending on your needs which are adjustable with a small button near the hinges.

A button above the heat controls allows you to turn on a blue nightlight – something ideal for nighttime bathroom trips.

Tech aside, the Brondell LumaWarm is comfortable and easy to install. It has an ergonomic design to keep things comfy and has slow closing hinges for the seat and lid. It’s also one of the taller traditional seats at around 3 inches tall, including the lid.  

Brondell manufactures some fantastic seats, and you can add the L60-RW to the list as the LumaWarm is the top choice when you want a comfortable heated seat for a commode.

The price tag isn’t exactly budget-friendly, but it comes in two colors and shapes for round toilets and elongated bowls.

5. Mayfair Premium Soft Toilet Seat

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  • Thick padded seat
  • Chrome hinges
  • Durable wood core
  • STA-TITE fastening system


  • Maintenance

No matter how comfortable a company says their toilet seats are, most are made from hard plastic. A padded toilet seat is an exception, and one of the best toilet seats for homeowners interested in something cushy comes from Mayfair with the 815CP.

The feature that makes this seat comfortable is apparent at first glance. Thick vinyl padding provides cushioning across the top, while a wood core adds stability. The toilet seat lid is also padded like the seat, making it comfortable to sit on, open or closed.  

While you don’t want to stand on a cushioned toilet seat, Mayfair designed this one to stay put. The hinges are made from chrome, not plastic which increases durability.

The company’s popular STA-TITE fastening system helps eliminate wiggles as well.

The draw of this toilet seat is the cushiony comfort, but consumers found it stable, sturdy and appreciated the chrome hinges.

The Mayfair 815CP only comes in one color with classic White, but you can choose from a round or elongated toilet seat, depending on the type of commode in your home.

The vinyl top is comfy but does require a bit more upkeep to keep it in great shape.

6. KOHLER Puretide Elongated Toilet Seat

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  • No electricity required
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Self-cleaning wand
  • Quiet-Close seat


  • Could be uncomfortable for some

Bidet seats are an alternative for homeowners that like the thought of a bidet but aren’t ready to fully commit.

Models that don’t require electricity are a great choice when your budget is tight, and the Puretide from KOHLER is the best toilet seat in this class.

KOHLER designed this toilet seat to match any commode with an updated but traditional style. The most significant difference is an ergonomic handle on the side, which lets you adjust the position and pressure of the spray. It’s a single-wand system, but one that cleanses itself before each use.

The fact that electricity isn’t required for this seat is a plus, and so are the quick-release hinges. It helps keep maintenance low on this bidet toilet seat, while Grip-tight bumpers add stability.

The design of this seat adds a bit of height and the hinges allow this soft-close toilet seat to shut quietly.

Whether you have a standard round toilet seat or need an elongated toilet seat, the Puretide provides a refreshing feeling with every flush.

It doesn’t have the same array of features you’ll find with electric models, but it’s a fraction of the price. Although it’s not ideal for people with larger frames, there are no significant drawbacks.

7. Bemis Clean Shield Raised Toilet Seat

10 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed 1310 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed 14


  • 1,000-pound capacity
  • 3-inches of height
  • Clean Shield funnel
  • Snap 2 Secure system


  • Price compared to similar models

We’ve often discussed how a raised toilet seat can add additional comfort to a commode. Those are standard seats, however.

When you want a seat that adds more than an inch of height but can also hold a lot of weight, the Clean Shield from Bemis is the best choice.

This raised toilet seat sits higher than most by design. It provides 3 inches of height to any commode, making it easier to sit or stand for people with mobility issues.

It’s also oversized to keep things comfy with an integrated Clean Shield to ensure waste funnels into the toilet bowl.

The company’s Snap 2 Secure system keeps the seat from wiggling loose over time while sturdy hinges make slammed lids a thing of the past.

Unlike most toilet seats, the Bemis 7YE85310TSS is considered a bariatric toilet seat with a weight limit of up to 1,000 pounds.

Finding a toilet seat that can hold over 500 pounds is challenging, especially one that gives you 3 inches of lift.

The Bemis toilet seat is designed this seat to suit a wide variety of needs, and while it’s expensive, it’s well worth the price. The Clean Shield comes in two sizes, with or without support arms.

8. Big John Toilet Seat

10 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed 1510 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed 16


  • 1,200-pound weight limit
  • Oversized stabilizing bumpers
  • Stainless hinges
  • Universal design


  • It’s expensive

Oversized toilet seats are ideal for heavier homeowners, but you need something special to support over 500 pounds. The Big John is the best toilet seat when you need a traditional seat that’s larger than normal with a high weight capacity.

With a weight limit of 1,200 pounds, this toilet seat can hold more than many commodes. It’s a “universal” fit seat, so it will work on any round or elongated toilet bowl as well. This sturdy toilet seat has a 2.5-inch rise and is an open-front model.

Big John wanted to keep this seat stable – something even more important with bariatric seats. They accomplished this through large rubber non-slip bumpers and stainless steel hinges, making transfers to and from the bowl safer.

The hinges are practically unbreakable, and those bumpers run almost the entire length of the seat.

This is another toilet seat with a hefty price tag, but one of the only options that may never need to be replaced. It’s that tough, and we’re big fans of the long rubber bumpers and sturdy mounting hardware.

Homeowners feel the same way, even if it carries a high price tag compared to other bariatric toilet seats.

9. American Standard Telescoping Luxury Seat

10 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed 1710 Best Toilet Seats Reviewed 18


  • Telescoping lid
  • Slow-closing seat
  • EverClean coating
  • Quick removal system


  • Elongated toilets only

While there aren’t many tricks manufacturers can use to make a standard toilet seat stand out, telescoping seats have become an interesting choice.

If you have a modern toilet that needs a streamlined seat to match the design, consider this luxury seat from American Standard.

When closed, the lid of the American Standard telescoping luxury seat completely covers the seat itself. It will provide an almost seamless look with the right commode and will never disturb anyone in your home when it slams.

The company’s slow-closing hinges ensure that, but it’s also one of the easier models to install.

You can install this telescoping seat from the top of the toilet instead of crawling on the floor to tighten washers or bolts.

Ever-Tite locking technology keeps the seat stable, and the quick-release hinge makes it simple to clean. Bacteria and mold will never find a foothold on this seat, thanks to EverClean surface coating.

There are plenty of advantages to this telescoping seat, and it certainly lives up to the luxury tag, given the features.

The ability to remove the seat by pressing a button is also a significant bonus. The American Standard telescoping seat is only available in classic White as an elongated toilet seat. 

10. KOHLER Purefresh Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

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  • Dual-nightlight
  • Air freshener
  • Slow-closing seat
  • Quick-attach system


  • Refills could get expensive

There are a number of toilet seats with nifty gimmicks that don’t quite live up to the billing when it comes to quality. That isn’t the case with the KOHLER Purefresh, a modern toilet seat with two unique features.

The Purefresh will freshen up your bathroom after every flush. It accomplishes this through a carbon filter and scented air freshener that slides into the base of the seat.

Both are replaceable as needed, and the same goes for the nightlight, which can get 6 months of juice from two batteries.

A dual-LED nightlight will work with the lid open or closed with an 8-hour cycle if needed. One light guides you while the cover is down – the other activates once the lid is lifted. Grip-tight rubber bumpers and a quick-attach system top off this high-tech toilet seat.

There are toilet seats that can clear foul odors from the air and plenty with built-in nightlights. None can do both with the efficiency of the Purefresh, which has a style geared towards modern bathrooms.

This seat comes in two colors and shapes for elongated and round toilets. The refills are affordable but will raise the operating cost over time.

opening toilet seat

How To Find the Best Toilet Seat for a Commode

Toilet seats are easy to find whether you shop online or locally. The selection is wider with online retailers, however, which opens the doors to new possibilities for your commode.

The best toilet seat depends on your needs, however. For some, it could be a seat that provides extra cushioning or height, while other homeowners may want something stylish.

No matter what style you prefer, keep these tips in mind before choosing a new toilet seat.

Construction & Style

It’s safe to say that 90% of commode seats on the market are made from a form of plastic. It’s a material everyone is familiar with, and you’ll find plenty of it in bathrooms across the globe.

Wooden toilet seats are also an option that can bring a unique look to the right type of bathroom.

There’s no comparison between a seat made from wood or plastic when it comes to strength. A seat constructed from wood is sturdy in all forms, whether enameled in white or with the original wood grain and tone.

They will hold more weight than a plastic seat and come with metal hinges and hardware.

Unless you choose a painted seat, a wooden one can bring a unique sense of style and warmth to a bathroom. They actually hold more heat than a basic plastic seat, even if they aren’t nearly as resilient.

A wood seat is considered hygienic but not in the same way as plastic. These synthetic seats are much easier to wipe down and designed to prevent mold and bacteria from finding a foothold.

It’s much harder to scratch a plastic toilet seat, and they are more versatile, as you can see from the options on our list. You won’t find a wood seat with a built-in deodorizer, even if it costs as much as a non-electric bidet seat.

Hinge Systems

Once you understand more about the materials a toilet seat is made from, think about the hinge system on the back.

Style comes down to people’s tastes which vary, but nobody wants a toilet seat with hinges that eventually break or wriggle loose within a week.

A toilet seat with plastic hinges is standard but not ideal when you want something that will last.

Manufacturers have come a long way by designing these hinges to stay tight, so KOHLER, American Standard, and other big brands have systems that remain in place under “normal” conditions.

Have you or anyone in your home ever stood on a toilet seat?

That’s not unusual and something that can damage hinges quicker than you think. Stainless steel bolts and hardware are the best choices if your family is rough with a toilet seat, which limits your options to a degree with style.

The type of hinges used also dictates how easy a toilet seat is to remove and clean when needed.

Quick-release systems come under different names depending on the company. While they do cut cleaning times down, it can impact the durability of the hinges.

A soft-close toilet seat with slow hinges is generally more important to most homeowners. They can add to the price but are appreciated by those who don’t enjoy being awakened by slammed lids and seats in the middle of the night.


Do you have an elongated toilet bowl or round toilets in your home? That’s the first step to finding a compatible toilet seat.

It’s a question that may seem easy to answer but could be more complicated than you think, depending on the style and manufacturer or your commode.

An elongated or round toilet seat aren’t the only options, as there are also compact, elongated bowls and D-shaped toilet bowls.

In most cases, you can look at the toilet bowl and tell if you need an elongated or round replacement. The difference between these shapes is obvious, but a D-shaped bowl can bear a striking resemblance to an elongated bowl with a compact design.

When in doubt, the safest course of action is to identify the model of your toilet to ensure a perfect fit. To do this, remove the toilet tank and locate a stamp near the water level, which you can use online to find the right choice.


Comfort, like style, is something that comes down to personal taste and what you require from a toilet seat in your home.

If you have mobility issues that make sitting or standing challenging, a raised toilet seat would be the most comfortable. It’s also the best way to adjust the height of a bowl if you find it a little too short for your needs. 

Women often find an open-front toilet seat more comfortable as they provide more room between their hands and the bowl. These seats resemble a horseshoe on extended bowls and will always have a section of plastic missing in the front.

Closed-front seats are more popular and a bit more expensive considering more material is used.

These seats provide a more comprehensive range of styles to choose from, and you’ll find more ergonomic designs in this category as well.

Our Verdict

A new toilet seat can completely change how a toilet looks or even functions depending on the features. That includes people who want something unique for their bathroom and consumers who like the classics.

If you fall into the latter category, the KOHLER Brevia Toilet Seat is one of the best toilet seats and well worth your time as we think the traditional design and price make it the perfect replacement.

Whether you love the look of a wood seat in your rustic bathroom or prefer something more European, remember to keep your budget in mind, along with the shape of the toilet bowl.

Toilet Seat FAQ

How Often Should You Replace a Toilet Seat?

Whenever it becomes worn, cracked, or begins to lose its luster. A toilet seat can last more than a decade, but most homeowners replace them well before that. 

Is a Toilet Seat Returnable?

That depends on the retailer. Many companies won’t accept a toilet seat for a return if the original packaging is removed. Check with the company or retailer beforehand. 

Can You Put an Elongated Seat on a Round Toilet?

Yes, it will be functional, but it won’t match your commode and will overhang the bowl. 

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