DIY Handmade Copper Pipe Curtain Rod Project April 18 2015, 4 Comments

Handmade copper plumber's pipe curtain rods.

I just moved into an 830 square foot house in Montford, a lovely neighborhood lined with towering trees and hundred year old houses, just a few blocks outside of downtown Asheville. The house came with many fixer-up projects, one being removing old blinds and adding curtains to the two bedroom windows. After a discouraging trip to the hardware store with hopes of finding simple curtain rods to hang (the options were not attractive and cheaply made), Brandon and I decided to make our own. Lately I've been swooning over copper - pots and pans, mugs (for Moscow Mules, of course!), hardware, and even jewelry! So when I came across copper plumber's piping, I knew it was a must have addition to the house. 

I needed rods for four windows - one double window measuring 6 feet in length and three single windows measuring 3 feet each. We purchased two 10 foot, 1/2 inch pipes ($14/each), 9 plumbers brackets to attach the pipe to the wall ($1.50 each), the most basic pipe cutter ($12), two packets of curtain clip rings in white ($8/each), and a can of copper spray paint ($7). 

The project began with spray painting the white curtain clip rings copper, as I was unable to find copper rings at the local hardware store. We laid the rings on cardboard and sprayed each side evenly, allowing for drying in between sides. Next, I measured out the length of the windows on the pipe, marking with a pencil. The basic pipe cutting tool worked well and was simple to use. After a few spins around the pipe, it was cut to the correct length. The plumber's brackets came paired with screws to attach to the wall. We drilled holes where we wanted the brackets to be mounted and screwed in the hardware. Once the curtain clips were dry, we slipped them onto the pipe, and then threaded the pipe through the bracket openings. I purchased large linen Turkish towels to repurpose as curtains from the same vendor that supplies my shop's Turkish hand towels. The linens were clipped in and the project was complete! The manual labor took under an hour and the project cost was around $80.

The handmade curtain rods were less expensive than the standard options at the store and much more aesthetically pleasing! 

Spray painting white curtain clips with copper spray paint.

Measuring the length of the curtain rods needed.

Using the pipe cutter to cut the pipe to the correct length.

Handmade copper curtain rods DIY project.